Monday, December 14, 2009

Students teaching Adults

During 2009 I was a presenter to 100s of adults who came and visited our school.

But I didn't only present to visitors; I also presented to the T.V. programme "Close Up", a famous magazine (Idealogue) and even the prime minister!!!
There were 6 of us in our presenting group and we all had different subjects to talk about.
I talked about podcasting and this is what this movie will tell and show you about...

Monday, November 23, 2009

Camp Bentzon 2009 Rocked!!!

One of my favourite things to do is go camping.  That was what the year 6 students did.

For the last (about) 6 years Pt England has been sending their year 6 students of to Kawau Island. Its filled with tall spiky trees, wekas and even wallabies.  There were even some very steep hills that we had to run on every morning.  It was exhausting for everyone, but ever since Mr Jacobsen has been going nobody has ever beaten him on the run until now.  He announced at breakfast that Jacob beat him every time we ran.  That was quite amazing really that a student beat a teacher!!
Anyway the best thing I liked at camp (besides the activities) was the food.  We had our own chef/cook, his name was Mr Coop and his son Steve helped him.  I thought that he made the best dishes I'd ever tasted, I especially liked his bread that he made every morning at 4:00.  DELICIOUS!!! 

There were some awesome activities there like kayaking, ab-sailing, raft building, sailing, orienteering, confidence course-(con course) and I don't think this was an activity, but we got to bomb off the wharf. Well I didn't but my friends did, they said it was awesome!!

One of my favourite activities at camp was going on Mr Malloy's yacht. It was an awesome experience to be on a 40ft yacht.  But the thing that made the ride fun and a bit dangerous was Nathaniel steering the boat.  He made the yacht (nearly) tip over so much that every time that yacht hit something we could feel the water splash onto us.  But I liked it anyway because I like to get wet.

Camp Bentzon (I think) has got to be one of the best camps I have ever been to!!!! 

Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Toy shop on Zip Zap Avenue!!!

Pt England's time to shine is coming up soon. Their going to be performing "The Toy Shop on Zip Zap Avenue", our own school production.

There are a lot of rolls so that means a lot of practice is involved. I'm certain that everybody who's in the production can't wait until the 3 big nights. So I guess that's talking about me because I'm in the production.

So during this week the cast and crew have been pulled out of class now and then to have a blocking practice which is like the real thing but without the costumes, make-up and music. Tomorrow on Friday we're having another blocking practice but this time we're having it with the music. Its close to the real thing but then again there's no costumes or make-up.

I've been in 2 previous productions each with a different name and subject or topic. So I have a taste of what performing feels like. Sometimes I'm a confident person and sometimes I'm a nervous person. But I definitely know that I won't be nervous because I don't have any lead parts!!

With a bit more practice I know that The Toy Shop on Zip Zap Avenue is going to be a great hit at our school!!

Thanks to: and for the photos

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Kerikeri Wordle

This is another Wordle and this time its about my trip up North to Kerikeri.  Again it shows the words I've used the least and the most and this time one of my biggest words is "got" which is quite embarrassing really because I should be using words like "brought or received" instead of "got"!!  Also if you haven't noticed one of  my least used words is "amazed".  That's a shame because "amazing" is an interesting word.  But hey you can always learn from your mistakes!!

Monday, September 7, 2009

My Trip to KeriKeri

My mum is in the ASB Community Trust and they always have meetings. But what I dislike about going to these meetings is that sometimes the meetings are always a long way away.

I don't like long distant travel because I get car-sick and I feel really woozy and I just don't really like the feeling. Anyway besides the car-sick I really enjoyed the trip there and back. I saw lots of grass, cows, goats, a cute pony, trees, roads, cars and forests. I also saw some dead possums which was quite gross!

We stopped for an ice cream at Kawakawa and after about 4 hours we finally arrived. To be honest KeriKeri kind of reminded me of Otahuhu because there was lots of shops and they were on the sides of the road. There were shops that I'd never seen before like this shop called ''Shoe Style", and by the name of the shop I can easily tell that the shop sells shoes.

We stayed in a Motel called KeriKeri Court Motel. As soon as I got in I went straight to the fridge because I wanted to see if they had these little containers of milk that I like so much. Luckily for me they did. I drank nearly half of the supply that they had in the fridge , that's how much I like it!! My mum had run over to the receptionist to ask for a DVD player because my sister had brought along a few DVDs to watch. That was smart of her, it was smart of her because she knows that Motels and Hotels don't have Sky and so we watched some of her DVDs.

For dinner we had a barbecue and the grill for the meat was next to a pool so my sister and I were very keen to go for a swim. My parents weren't quite sure about it though because the weather was absolutely freezing. Well actually it was absolutely freezing to them. But finally I convinced them to let us go for a swim.

We got into the pool and boy did we judge it!! I was so cold I completely froze as if I was about to be pounced on by a hungry tiger or lion!! I soon started to move around and started to unfreeze. It didn't really feel so cold anymore. It got late so out we got from the pool and guess was even colder when we stepped out of the pool. We soon got used to it and went in to eat our food with some other ASB Community Trust members.

The next day it so happened that we were in KeriKeri for Fathers Day so my dad decided he wanted to go and visit a store called the "Stone Store". This was a fascinating place it was also a very historic place full of many historic objects. I was so amazed to be looking at old fashioned clothing,some pipes and even old padlocks that still worked. One of the ladies escorted us into the gift shop where on these shelves were some old packaging for New Zealand products like Weet Bix, Chelsea's Sugar, Edmonds Custard. I also saw an old shopping bag for the "4 Square" shop. We had left the Stone Store with a bar of chocolate, a post card, a bowl and my dad bought himself some Kerikeri organic tea(manuka mint) which he is yet to taste.

And to pass the time we went to the farmers market where my dad also bought himself about 10
bags of KeriKeri natural oranges. I didn't want to buy anything because I was so tired and I just wanted to go to the car and have a nap.

When we left we had to go and pick my mum up from her meeting. After that I was so happy we were going home because I was feeling a bit home-sick. But there was 1 more place that my dad wanted to go to. It was Waitangi!! We didn't go to the exact spot where the ''Treaty of Waitangi'' or in Maori Te ''Tiriti o Waitangi" was signed. There was a lovely view though. I really enjoyed it!!

We then left and off we were for the long way home to Auckland all so tired and exhausted. I got car-sick on the way so I tried to get some sleep. When I woke up I found that we were in a Humongous-Ly long queue . It was like an enormous centipede. You couldn't even see the head. We then got to see why there was such a long queue, it turned out to be the traffic lights. They weren't working properly.

I was so bored that I again went to sleep. And this time when I woke up we were already on the drive way to our home sweet home!!! I was so very happy!!!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

My Blog Wordle

In extension Mrs. Burt showed us a website called Wordle. Wordle is a website that can show you a bunch of words and text that you have typed up and give you an idea of what visitors see when they visit your blog. Wordle also shows you what type of words you use the most and words that you use the least of. As you can see one of the words I've used the most is "New Zealand", and one of the words I've used the least is "built".

Monday, August 24, 2009

Yes Over and Done With!!!

I was just so nervous when Mr. Burt was about to smack the starter blocks together and when he did, that was the signal for us to start. "Okay, ready, set" and as Mr. Burt was about to yell out go he smacked the starter blocks together and off the lot of us raced, like a flock of birds shooting off to a place with a warmer climate. Oh and because we were running out of time the 11 year old girls had to run with the 11 year old boys.

But luckily we weren't racing against each other. It'll just be the normal race but we'd be running with the boys.

But back to the race. My feet were as wobbly as jelly and my feet were always like this when I was nervous. SMACK went Mr Burt with the race starters (which were two blocks of wood that you smack together.) Like I said before we were like a flock of birds shooting off to a place with a warmer climate. We were told by the teachers to jog before we sprint so that we have more energy to sprint to the finish line. Not many of us did this because some of us were eager to win.

I was coming forth but unfortunately I stopped and Vaha and somebody else ran ahead of me. I wasn't really worried because if I didn't come first I didn't actually really mind. I didn't really mind because even though I didn't come first I still ran the whole race (with a few stops.)

So as I was still running and coming seventh place Destiney was coming first which wasn't quite of a surprise because she's someone who always comes first. But I was proud for her because she's my friend. She and a bunch of other people who came a place in the race are going into the inter-zones which I think is at Glenn Brae Primary.

Anyway I was near the finish when I stopped to wait for my friends so we could run with each other. So we did and we all run to the finish line. That was when I was really happy because even though I came eighth place I was so happy because I had gotten it over and done with!!!!

Even though Cross Country is over we've still got Athletics to go which I would love to do!!!!!!!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Hamish Campbell a Very Clever Person

It was on the morning of the 5th of August that we had another one of those special video conferences.  This time our special video conference was with a famous paleontologist and Geologist who's name was Hamish Campbell.

We have had a video conference with him before but that conference was based on chatting about our topic from last term which was about dinosaurs.  This time our chat was about the Fiordland earthquake.  Hamish explained to us a few interesting facts about earthquakes and about the earthquake that happened in Fiordland.  Some of the facts that he shared with us were very hard to understand because we aren't experts on earthquakes (like Hamish), but luckily Hamish is a talented person who can take difficult words and make them sound easier to understand for children like us.  

Anyway back to the facts.  He told us that there are 2 different plates covering New Zealand called "the Australian plates" (which is on the left  side of the New Zealand) and the other set of plates called "the Pacific plates" (which is obviously  on the right side of new Zealand.) Another fact was that the Fiordland earthquake was named Dusky Sound and it measured up 7.6m on the Richter scale, it is said to be the largest earthquake in the world since the 2nd largest one 80 years ago.  He also said that there was once an earthquake that hit a village in China called Tangshan and lasted for 15 seconds, unfortunately it only lasted a vast amount of seconds but killed over 200,000 people.  It was a very sad tragedy.   

What is also very sad is that Hamish told us that Joan Wiffen died.  If you don't know who Joan Wiffien is well, she was the first person in New Zealand to find a fossilized part of a dinosaur. She is famous to the extension group because we did research on her when we were learning about dinosaurs.  She is also well known to the rest of New Zealand because before she found the fossilized part of the dinosaur, it was thought that no species of the dinosaur had ever stomped around on the land we now know as Aotearoa-New Zealand.  Thanks to her we now know that dinosaurs stomped around in our part of the land.

And thanks to Hamish Campbell, Diana-Grace and Te Papa museum for setting up another awesome video conference.  Not most kids get to talk to a famous Geologist and paleontologist!!

Monday, July 20, 2009

I'm not bragging just saying that I met the Prime Minister

My stomach was filled up to the top with butterflies as I was about to speak to the prime minister of New Zealand. It was on the last week of school before the school holidays and Mrs Tele'a, Mr Burt, Cruz, Tanielu, Leoden and I were at the Ruapotaka Marae. Nothing serious going on until I heard the sound of Kapa Haka students chanting and singing, (of course in Maori, it wouldn't be Powhiri without the chanting and singing-in Maori) at that moment I knew that something was happening. Then everybody stood up, so I stood up and I was trying to see what was happening. I then realised that it was the prime minister entering into the Marae.

Of course the prime minister came but he didn't come alone. He came with some members of the Maori party, the press(-the news), some members of the Ministry of Education-MOE and no famous person is complete without his security guards.

The reason for his coming was that he was coming to launch the Tamaki Transformation Project. The idea of this project was that the government is going to demolish our houses but rebuild after the demolish. What is going to happen is that the houses are going to be built but are going to be built closer together and this is called intensification. This means that the houses are going to be closer but it also means that there is going to be a big increase in the population of our community.

Anyway, as the powhiri was going on there were a couple of people that stood up and said a little speech and most of them were in Maori. After some people had said their speeches the prime minister even had a little speech to say and he even said it in Maori which was quite amazing really. What was quite amazing about this was that I didn't know that he could speak in Maori. His speech was actually quite funny as well because at the end of it he told everybody that he was still learning more from his tutor who was part of the Maori party.

As the powhiri was ending everybody was stepping out and into the dining room to have a little nibble. We saw the prime minister and introduced ourselves to him, he is very nice because he invited us to also have a little nibble. We had a little something to eat and then we sprang into action, Cruz set up the camera and Leoden helping him, Tanielu and I were getting ready to interview the prime minister. "OK ready standing by, rolling action" said Cruz. Off I started, "Hi there prime minister, we are very excited about the idea of transforming our community, thank you very much for supporting this idea. We have prepared a couple of questions to ask you about this." Question 1: "Did you know that it costs $5.20 per adult and $2.50 per child to get into our local pool? Well what can you do to make sure that the local people can afford the local facilities?" He gave me a very interesting reply and as he was replying I was focusing on keeping eye contact with him.

When he finished I replied back to him "interesting" and as I gave the microphone to Tanielu I had a look on my face which said "I think that came out wrong" and "was I meant to say that?" But I was just relieved to have my turn over and done with. In my hand I had an invitation to give the prime minister which invited him to our school. He looked at it and then said "Oh yes I'll definitely come, a promise is a promise". We then thanked him and then he walked off and we ran to Mrs Tele'a with faces that said "Yeah, he's coming".

I've got to say this is one of the best things that I've done in my life so far and what's even more better is that I am only 11yrs old!!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Dinosaur Exhibition

24th of June. Every term our school has a topic about something. At Pt England every time we have a new topic we go on a special trip. This term our new topic was about dinosaurs.

Our special trip was to the Auckland War Memorial Museum. We went to the museum in a bus. As usual the children were all crowded on the bus chit chatting, playing a game called "that's mine". I nearly fell asleep but luckily I had my friends to keep me awake!

Finally we arrived at our destination (-museum), it was pretty stuffy in the bus but as soon as I got out of the bus there was a nice breeze that cooled me off. Then we all got separated into our groups. My sister, a couple of other people and I were all in my big brother Havea's group. It was a while before we went in because we were not the only school.

I hadn't been in the museum in a while but when I walked in I suddenly remembered what it all looked like and it was pretty amusing! It was then time for us to split up and go on to the different sections of the museum that were about the age of the dinosaurs. Our first activity was searching for different types of animal species such as the penguins, underwater creatures , birds and even some native New Zealand species like the kiwi or the tuatara.

The activity took about 1/2 an hour and when it finished we could go out and have our morning tea. It was a funny thing though, as we walked out of our part of the museum there was a red carpet. My friends and I were pretending that we were celebrities in Hollywood strutting down the red carpet.

After our morning tea we went to our second activity which was with a man called Paul in a lab. In this lab we looked at a real live bone of a now extinct bird called the "Moa". Paul explained a lot of interesting theories and facts about now extinct animals-dinosaurs and Moas. He then gave us a lecture about extinction and how long the dinosaurs roamed the earth. We then got to have some fun (as if the whole trip wasn't fun.) The fun was searching through sand and excavating fossils out of stones.

We then had our final activity which was looking at dinosaurs and answering questions from the board where the facts and information were. It got really hot and stuffy again so I took my jumper off and it made no difference. But apart from that it was a great experience to be in the midst of the museum again. It was then time to go back to school.

I can't wait until term 3 brings a new topic!!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Queens Birthday

It is Monday the 1st of June and today is the Queen of England's birthday!!

On this special day all the schools in New Zealand have a day off school. I'm not really doing anything at home but typing this blog post up is keeping me busy by making my mind work just like it works at school.

An interesting little fact that I heard was that the Queen's birthday isn't actually her birthday, it's her dads! I'm not sure if this is true but if it is it's good to see that she is still remembering her dad and his birthday.

The Queen of England isn't only the Queen of England, she's also the Queen of New Zealand as well. I think that's partly the reason why we celebrate the birthday. I'm not sure of all the other countries that she's Queen of but I know that she is queen of a lot of places, (including us.)

I'd like to say to the Queen: "Happy Birthday!!" Even if isn't her birthday.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Movie Making

Mrs Lagitupu arranged us into different groups.

She then gave us different subjects to film a movie on. I was in a group where we have to film CRE which stands for Christian Religious Education. We have to wait a while until my group can film because CRE is normally on a Friday so its tomorrow.

Before we start filming we have to do our planning which includes making a storyboard, making a script and having practises. It doesn't take a very long time to plan unless your making a very long movie. I've already started and finished making the storyboard now all I have to do is make the script and discuss which parts go to who.

I'm also part of a crew which helps all the groups who need it. In the crew I'm the person who checks the sound to see if its alright. I really am going to enjoy making movies but what I'm looking forward tomostly is watching the finished product!!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mothers Day

On Sunday the 10th of May we had a very special day for mothers.... It was Mothers day.

My sister, cousin and I all made our own Mothers day cards at school and at home. We also went to Pakuranga and bought some extras like chocolates for the cards. I tried to hide the gifts from my mum but she was suspicious.

When the special day came my sister and I woke up early and found out that mum was already awake. We then had a little discussion about who was going to give which gifts. Then we decided and finally gave the gifts. My mum was really surprised at what she got.

My mum was really happy, the last gift we gave our mum was a hug I'm sure she loved that. So now that Mothers day has gone past we've still got Fathers day to go!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Whats your Favourite Dinosaur ?

My favourite dinosaur is the anklysaurus.

I like this dinosaur because of the armour its back.

I think that the anklysaurus is related to the triceratops because they're both, herbivores, big and they're both clever.
I read something that said that it was said that the ankysaurus had armour on its back, and also had a clubbed tail. This would have been good for hitting and protecting itself from big or small carnivores like Tyrannosaurs and the velociraptor.

I've never seen a real skeleton of any dinosaur before so I'd love to go to the museum and find one, But I'm not really familiar with the place.

Here's a question for you: what's your favourite dinosaur?

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Dino Assembly

Dinosaurs are really big lizard like animals that are now extinct.

On the first day of term 2, we had an amazing immersion assembly and learnt about our new topic which is 'Dino-Might'. (It's about dinosaurs)

Mr Burt and the teachers all dressed up in costumes and did little items about our topic. Team One had a really cool one about how dinosaurs are extinct but teacher's are'nt. Team Two did a cool rap and dance about dinosaurs. Team Three were dressed like scientists and pretended to search for dinosaur bones.

Mrs Nua from Team Four, talked about the section in the library where we could find books about dinosaurs. The number was 560. Then we watched a video clip of Team Four.

Some dinosaurs are herbivores (eat plants) and some are carnivores (meat eaters). They were all different shapes and sizes and now they are extinct. I'm really excited that we are going to be studying about dinosaurs and learning more about them.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter and the Easter Show

Easter is very special and cool. Its special because that was the day that Jesus rose from the grave, and it's cool because we have so many lucky things to do and get.

There's the Royal Easter Show where there are some activities, great games and some cool competitions. If you won at any of these things you would win some awesome prizes!! I didn't go to the Easter show but I'm sure there was a ton or more than a ton of people that went to the show.

If you're a chocoholic then Easter would be your thing. We had a terrific day on Saturday. My aunty put out 3 Easter eggs for me, my sister and my cousin. She hid them and we had our own Easter egg hunt. I always found the first 2 and my sister found the last one. The best part was eating it.

Easter is full of love and chocolate!! I can't wait until the next Easter, next year in 2010.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Hong Kong Video Conference

  It was very awesome having another conference to do, especially the conference is from the other side of the world.

  The extension group was lucky enough to have a conference with some people of Hong Kong!!  We were discussing stuff about what they (Hong Kong) usually eat or what their favourite foods were.  We were discussing this because it was part of the ROW (Rock Our World) topic project that we're doing.  But we were also just doing this to just find more about their country.

  Mrs Tele'a was setting everything up waiting for the other side to send an invite so we could get on with the conference.  A few minutes later we received the invite and the show was on the road.  There was a problem though, we could see them but they couldn't see us we could only hear them.  So then we just decided to go on without them being able to see us.

  It was very funny because while we were waiting for the invite , they  were taking so long because they had been in their school assembly!! We found it hilarious.

  Anyway it turned out that the conference taken a whole hour.  But I actually really enjoyed it.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Actual Race

  "It was the best thing I've done in my life" said Tanielu, "I know" replied Destiney.

  About eleven lucky students from Pt England were at Stonefield because there was an AMAZING  event happening and we were all included.  The big event was the "ALL AMERICAN SOAP BOX DERBY RACE"

  I was very lucky to be in the group of eleven people.  In those eleven people were five drivers:Cruz , Shontal , Jacob , Tevita  and Nathanial .  Five pit crew members:Charm , Tanielu , Raven , Destiney  and me Sela.  Also one cheerleader: Mauina.  We all signed up to be part of the team.

  There were a lot of schools like Bailey Road, Sacred Heart, Churchill Park, Sommerville, Parnell, Kings, St Kentigens and us Pt England.  All these schools did very well!!

  Being in the pit crew was REALLY hard work, like I said before we had to change the weights,  wipe the kart down and nearly break our backs trying to lift it on to the weighing machine.

  We had about 14 or 16 races and we won them all.  But finally it came down to the last race everybody talking and thinking about which team they wanted to win.  Then they started, we were versing Sacred Heart.  I couldn't hear anything but people cheering then came the final moment, which way was the flag going to point?

  It was then said that we (Pt England) had lost.  We were gutted for a moment but at least we had made it in to the nationals!!  That was some very good news.  Now we wait for an even bigger day to come.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Yr5 & Yr6 Camp Aratika

On Wednesday the first day of camp for 2009 started. We all got separated into our separate groups and set off for our activities.

The different names of the groups were the Participators, True crew, Care crew, Responsibles, Thinkers and the Honest crew. I was in the Participators.

We did a lot of FUN activities, from orienteering to kayaking. My favourite activity was rock climbing because it really challenges you to get to the top and because I'm not really scared of heights. My other favourite activity was something I know I'm good at. This activity was kayaking. I like it also because its just something I enjoy doing.

The camp food was delicious, from baked beans on toast, to mince, vegetables and bread. Those cooks really know how to cook.

On the last day of our camp Aratika we all set of to Swim-a-Rama (in Panmure) so we could end our camp with a big SPLASH!!!

Thanks a lot to all the teachers and supporters because without them camp would have never happened!!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Soap Box Derby Experience

   I would consider myself lucky to be in the "Soap Box Derby".
   I signed up to be part of the pit crew, I thought it would just be wiping down the kart but instead its wiping the kart down, having to pull the kart up the long steep hill, making sure that its properly balanced by changing the weights and a lot of other stuff.

   This event is happening on Sunday the 22nd of March.  We've already had our practice session last week on Wednesday  and we've also had a session early in the morning because we were going to be on the early morning news programme Sunrise.  It was a very COOL experience!!

   There are a lot of members to be part of the PES Racing crew like drivers, constructors, pit crew and cheerleaders.  If the drivers win the big race then they get to go to these other big races and the final race is in the USA (United States of America).  

   Its a really big prize so fingers crossed and hope we win!!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Music and Beats

   We had a music session yesterday and it was awesome!
   We all had to go on the computer and open up gargeband and record a beat with the drumkit. Everybody was concentrating on making the right beat.  I could hear beats going boom de boom de boom and da de da de da boom.
    In gargeband we had to do 4 beats and make sure that it sounded correct and not all over the place.  After doing that we had to duplicate the track until it reached 3 minutes and then listen to it.
    I think doing this type of work is good to learn if your learning about music.

    To me I think my track was OK but I think I could try harder!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Extension Learning

Yesterday on Tuesday we all got big pieces of paper and we recorded on it a tally chart of peoples favourite foods. We divided our tally into 2 parts: favourite meals and favourite dessert. We went around questioning people.

We then tallied the answers all up and it seemed that the most popular choice was Burger King and ice cream. Mrs Tele'a gave us a copy each of the food pyramid and we had to do another tally chart.
But this one was to tally up the un/healthy food in both the meals and desserts, and it showed again that the food we like to eat are mostly fatty.
It was very interesting!!

Thanks to the Harold Website for this photo

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Pt England Picnic

  Yea our school went on a FUN picnic at our local beach.

  There we had lots of activities like singing, dancing and sports like kilikiti (a Samoan cricket game) normal cricket and lots of other fun activities.  I loved playing kilikiti with my friends.
  While I was playing I suddenly heard a blast of music and people dancing and singing every where.  Some people are really good at dancing and singing.

   Some people were also swimming.  First the seniors went swimming (because the tide was in) then the middle school and the last group were the juniors.  I'm sure they all had some fun!

   I was really enjoying myself just sitting and talking to my friends after a game of kilikiti.  I can't wait for the next picnic!

Monday, February 23, 2009


It was a Friday and as normal we had assembly. But at this assembly we had a special visitor coming.

The visitors name was Keith and he worked for the rugby league team the Kiwis. His part for the team is like the media but the proper name is public relation (PR).

Oh he came to show us the ''Rugby League World Cup'' that the Kiwis won last year. The cup was as big as a classroom chair. But it wasn't really shiny, I guess it would be like that because it is quite old.

After assembly some of us got to stay behind and take photos of the cup. I was even lucky enough to get to take a photo with the cup. A lot of teachers especially Ms.Vaafusuaga
were eager to take photos.

It was an exciting assembly.

Friday, February 13, 2009

My Holidays (Last Year)

This is my very first story that I've written in 2009 but the story is about my holiday that I went on last year.

In the holidays my whole family went to Tonga. It was AMAZING.
During our visit we went to a beautiful beach called "Keleti". There were some huge waves and the water was so clear that I could see the bottom. In the water were little fish that would bite you if went to close too their territory. Luckily I didn't get bitten.

Another thing was that my bigger cousin and brother lifted me up on their arms and SPLASH I went when I jumped off into the water.

While we were doing that my grandma and the adults were sitting on the sand having a picnic. They were watching us doing bombs. I bet they thought we were crazy.
Keleti has got to be the best beach I've been to in a long time!! Hope I go back next year (actually this year 2009).