Monday, June 1, 2009

Queens Birthday

It is Monday the 1st of June and today is the Queen of England's birthday!!

On this special day all the schools in New Zealand have a day off school. I'm not really doing anything at home but typing this blog post up is keeping me busy by making my mind work just like it works at school.

An interesting little fact that I heard was that the Queen's birthday isn't actually her birthday, it's her dads! I'm not sure if this is true but if it is it's good to see that she is still remembering her dad and his birthday.

The Queen of England isn't only the Queen of England, she's also the Queen of New Zealand as well. I think that's partly the reason why we celebrate the birthday. I'm not sure of all the other countries that she's Queen of but I know that she is queen of a lot of places, (including us.)

I'd like to say to the Queen: "Happy Birthday!!" Even if isn't her birthday.

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Mrs L said...

Hi Sela

What an interesting blog. It also left me wondering a little more about the Queen's real birthday. I think that most people in NZ are quite happy that it means a day off from school or work.

Maybe you could do some research to find out her actual date of birth, and which countries celebrate it?

Mrs Lagitupu