Friday, March 25, 2011

Welcome to PES

The Pt England Way includes us Pt Englanders being courteous, being respectful, listening to the teacher, lining up, using our manners and, when we're outside, playing sensible games. This movie has little glimpses of Pt Englanders doing exactly that. The soundtrack is "Welcome to my World'' (by Elvis Presley) because we would like to welcome you to our awesome school! I hope you enjoy my movie!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Camp Take Charge

Its been Camp Aratika and Camp Co-operation, but this time it was Camp Take Charge (or T.C for short). Our annual 3 day camp has just finished and it was just awesome seeing that it was the first ever Year 7 & 8 camp Pt England has ever had!

Before camp, we were split into 6 groups and each given two leaders. The groups were The Motivatorz, The Carerz, The Thinkerz, The Respectablez, The Responsiblez, and my group The Participatorz. My two leaders were Helen and Charm.

There were many fun activities we could do thanks to Rock Up. Rock Up is like a company/organisation that goes around Auckland with fun activities to do. Archery was one of the things they came with last year and it was pretty cool. But it couldn’t beat the The Dunker! The Dunker was, with out a doubt, everyones favourite. Everybody enjoyed it because the aim of the game was to throw a ball and hit the target. The target would then trigger the plank of wood that a person would be sitting on, to drop and they’d fall into the small pool of water. But this year there was a twist: the person who would be dunked had protectors to protect the dunkee against the dunkers. I guess my protectors were pretty good because it felt like a life time before I was dunked!

Mr Harris and Mr Barks held some cool games we could do. Mr Harris ran some games that the indigenous people of Australia would play. They had some unusual names like ‘Kai and Kaichee’ but they were still great fun! Mr Barks ran some games that required team work. Pouring water through a channel from a bucket to another bucket was just one them.

An item for the concert (on our last night) was something that our group had to put together. It had to be a total of 5 minutes long and had to include an MTV, our group item and a special item. Our group item was just a live performance in front of everybody. Our MTV was like our group item except it wasn’t live. Our special item was only a couple of people from the group performing something of their choice. Some people sang and some even danced!

The winners of camp were announced when camp finished and the winners of camp were The Thinkerz. The Participatorz (my group) came 4th. Although my group didn’t come first, I still had a great time at camp. Unfortunately I won’t be around for the next Year 7 & 8 camp because I’ll be off to college next year.