Thursday, November 25, 2010

Athletics Day

Discus, Shotput and highjump were just a few of the sporting events held at our athletics day.

Held annually, our athletics day allows us to compete in our house colours against other house colours. The house colours are Takitimu-Yellow, Te Arawa-Red, Tainui-Blue and Matatua-Green.

On the day we got split up into our age groups and sent to a different event with a teacher. Since I’m 12 I obviously had to go with the 12 year old girls. Our first event was softball throwing. I’ve got some pretty strong arms that got me into 3rd place, but my arms aren’t as strong as my friend Helen! She got 1st place and got me knocked out (of 3rd place.)

Afterwards we moved on to shotput. (Someone who truly is an expert in the area of shotput is Valerie Adams, she’s won how many gold medals for New Zealand and I even got to meet her. But thats another story.) What you have to do in shotput is not to throw it or you could get disqualified. I had my turn and got 3rd place again but again I got knocked and this time it was by my cousin-Racheal!

Further on into the day we had our highjump and relays/races but the of one I had been waiting for was discus! Last year I made it into the Eastern Zone Athletics because of discus and I was hoping to make it into the Eastern Zone Athletics (again.) But again I came 3rd and again I got knocked out and again it was by Racheal!

Well, I was a bit bummed and sad but it didn’t matter because there’s always next year. What made this athletics special was that we had a new event-Javelin (which I wasn’t the best at) and it was my first athletics as a Year 7!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Metamorphosis Explanation

Metamorphosis, a sort of life cycle certain animals and insects go through. This movie is about a caterpillar, one of the insects that go through these stages. This movie will show the main stages a caterpillar goes through as it goes through this process

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Our First Net-Books Experience

Lots of rich, flash schools like St Cuthberts or St Kentigens have their parents pay for net-books and get it as part of their stationary, but luckily for us (The Tamaki Cluster) we've had some very generous donors who have happily donated us some money...

We got them yesterday at 2:00pm and had a little trial with them, but today we have had a real experience with the net-books. As part of the experience we had to take a photo of ourselves, I'm not a really keen goer at having my photo taken but it was part of the procedure.