Monday, November 10, 2008

Getting Ready

The extension group of Pt England school was getting ready for a video conference with a man called Joshua Klein. He is a very FAMOUS man who trains crows to do very great stuff, But some of the things the crows do the research crew didn't teach the crows how to do it.
Joshua Klein is trying to tell the people that crows are very useful and intelligent. We got to know all this useful stuff by watching a talk show call "Ted Talks", it is for people who have been clever enough to research and observe living things (or not living things.)
Joshua has proved that crows are intelligent by building vending machines, putting it out where there are lots of crows. There are 4 stages of getting food, 1:There are peanuts and coins all scattered around the vending machine, 2:There are peanuts on the feeding tray then the crows just help themselves, 3:Then there are coins in the coin slot and the crows push the coin in with their beak then the final stage is where the crows just have to collect a coin then out in into the coin slot then a peanut comes out.
We have learnt this amazing information because we are going to have a video conference with him later on. I can't wait!!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Sports Rotation

"OH MAN" Rm 15 said when we just lost our first game. We competed against Rm 18 at King Dodge. The senior school (team 4) were having a sports rotation of games.
They were yelling and shouting at us but we didn't really mind. Even though we lost, we still had some fun! Next we had to go into the hall and do some "Jump-a-riffic" jumping on the trampoline. Mrs Nua was in charge, In the hall we had to jump onto the tramp and flip onto the crash-mat , I was nervously waiting in line, I wanted to go and just sit down but Mrs Nua already called my name to go and jump. I just felt like my legs were stuck to the ground like wet cement, but when I started to run my legs loosened and started to feel like jelly, then I ran and sprung up into the air and went splat onto the crash-mat. I did a superman, but its just like a belly flop and not a flip at all. I was just glad my turn was over!!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Totara Springs Camp

I was so nervous when we finally arrived at Totara Springs. It was a magnificent place to be.
Everyday we had some devotions and we learnt about God. I really liked it. We played a lot of fun games, one of my favourite games were Get Your Own Back (GYOB). It was a game where the kids had to catch the leaders and put some naughty things on them, like 2 month year old sausages and rice, ice, jelly and flour. I can tell you that it was very messy and stinky. Even if you had a shower you would have had to wash yourself very thoroughly, I know this because Ms Georgie Burt had a shower and she still smelt like sausages.
At camp it was my groups turn to go on the hyderslide. It was very nerve racking because I'd never been on a hyderslide in a very long time. I was so nervous that I had to go with somebody else. When it was my turn I dipped my feet into the water and it was warm (that was pretty good because I was actually pretty cold!) Anyway we finally went off and we went swam splashed and swirled around the slide. I almost thought that I was going to fall out but luckily I didn't. It was so RADICAL!!
I really want to go back to the place.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Our Term 4 Topic
Well this term we have been studying a topic which is called "GO FOR GREEN". It is about saving the environment from all the littering, dumping and also the nasty landfills that are trashing all the rubbish into the ground and letting it decompose there. But this is not at all helping the environment because all it is doing is rotting in the ground and some of the things are toxic so it can provide a nasty thing in the ground called lechate and that is not a good thing at all. I think that in the future some people can do somethings to prevent and reduce these dreadful things that are occurring.
But anyway I really like our topic for this term and I would really really like to learn all about the 3R's which are Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. We can reduce smoke by trying not to burn so much and have cleaner burning factories and furnaces. We can reuse recyclable plastic bags, toys, containers and other stuff and that way we won't have to throw away that much stuff. Finally recycling, it is sort of the same as reuse so there's nothing to say really.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Nadia Comaneci
Nadia Comaneci is a famous gymnastics coach and here is a story to tell you how she became such a gymnastics success.
Well before she lived in the USA she used to live in Onesti Romania. When she was a child she was like a jumping machine and she even broke 4 of her family's couches. One day at her school she acted with a friend like a gymnast, luckily for her Bella a gymnastics coach saw her and asked her if she wanted to become a gymnast. He took her for a little training course to see if she was good enough, they had to run a 15 metre sprint and walk on the balance beam. If they were to scared Bella would send them home.
But luckily for Nadia she was filled with courage and strength, so she stood on the beam and made it in to the team. She trained everyday except for Sunday. One day as she went to her very first competition she was nervous. As the competition finished she was placed 14th, her coach said never to finish 14th and gave her a doll. Also after that she never came 14th again.
Then her biggest moment came when she was chosen to represent Romania (again) in the Olympics. She accepted that and went the Olympics.When she went up to perform her routine she noticed a HUMONGOUS audience,she started getting butterflies in her stomach but she was filled with determination to win a gold medal. As she finished on the score board appeared a 1 the crowd was silent but then they found out that it was actually 10!!The crowd went WILD . Nadia cheered for joy as she had scored a perfect 10, no one had done that in years.
When Nadia was older she defected from Romania and escaped to the USA and married Bart Conner.So after all that she became a coach but not a normal rugby coach a gymnastics coach. So that is how she became such a gymnastics success.

Olympic Medals

We've still got 9 medals and the Olympics has come to an end. We've got 2 golds 1 silver and 5 bronze I'd say that's alright. At least we came sixteenth on the medal tally board. At least we tried our hardest. I'd love to win a medal especially a gold or a silver!! sometimes I'd like to think that golds represent happiness, silver a good mood and bronze an alright attitude.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Olympic Athletes

Well so far we've got 3 gold medals, 1 silver and 5 bronze, In total that would be nine. I would say thats Awesome. We are such a small nation and yet we've won that much medals. Even though it might seem small it might be a big amount to other people.
My favourite sports person at the olympics right now is Valerie Vili. She's a fantastic shotputter and I'd also love to meet her. She's so tough and she's a really good at representing New Zealand.
Some other athletes that I like are the the rowing twins Georgina and Caroline ever-swindell. Their fantastic at rowing and winning for NZ, they've always encourage each other and have never given up on winning medals for NZ even though their really exhausted.
I'd really love to meet all the NZ athletes!!

Rock Our World

In the extension group we were working on a project called ROW which stands for "Rock Our World". We've put on flickr pages on flickr, we've also done presentations on it at extension class.I really enjoyed working on it.
When we were working on the project we even got to listen to the sound of the sun. It was loud or even louder then loud it was like a ENORMOUS thunder cloud.I didn't even know that the sun made sounds because it is so far away from us on earth.We made flickr pages on the sun as well.
So ever since we started on that project I've learn't heaps about the sun and lots of other things.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Cross Country Practise

"PUFF PUFF" as I ran around the track.I puffed continuously.
Team 4 (seniors) was having our cross country training,we have to run a really long tiring track.We always(or at least) have to do 2 laps .
As I'm running I normaly can't feel my legs because its so cold that my legs get numb.I sort of jog and sprint at the start because I just want to get the 2 laps done and over with.
Before we start though we have to be told a time, for example as we're going to start the teachers says "Ok 15 secs and your time is 11:40".
At the end of it all I'm totally exhausted.
My goal for the actual cross country is to just try my best.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Term 3 Immersion Assembly

Wow is that Valerie Adams,Oh no its just Mrs.Tele'a dressed up in clothes like Valeries. Oh and is that Michal Jordan the legendary basketball player oh no its just Ms.Squires dressed up aswell.
Teacher after teacher all dressed up in wacky "champions" clothes.
Our topic for this term is "We Are The Champions".I think that we are learning this topic because the Beijing olympics are coming up and so since the olympics are coming up Beatrice,Valerie,Georgina and Caroline better get training,But if you don't know who they are then here you go:Beatrice is a discus thrower,Valerie is a shot put thrower,Georgina and Caroline who are both twin sisters they do rowing together.
The immersion assembly for the topic was really entertaining,funny and entertaining.There were skits showing off and somemore skits.The topic for this term is really tempting for some people to learn and master sports.I really should try hard to learn and master sport.

Thursday, July 3, 2008


We walked through the door and saw Jean Batten and Richard Pearse displays. We saw Jean Batten's medals, pictures and articles about her. But what astonished me the most about Richard Pearse was his plane. At first I thought it was piece of junk but soon I found out that it was an aircraft, "WOW" I said. I mean it looked all rusty and looked like the oldest bicycle alive. It had wings made out of out of wood and metal. It almost looked like a slide with a ladder at the back and the wings also looked like a playground with stick people on it.

The senior school was at MOTAT because our topic was "UP UP AND AWAY".

My favourite place at MOTAT was the Hands On Area. It was like a playground heaven for little kids. There were heaps of amazing things that I liked at the Hands On Area like the earthquake cafe, spinner and the big kalidescope.

Another thing that we did was the tram ride. The tram ride was like an olden day train. It went slow but had a few stops in the middle which was quite annoying. The tram ride led us to MOTAT 2.

MOTAT 2 was filled with heaps and heaps of planes from bomber war planes to luxury transport planes .We had an instructor called Frazer who showed us around and told us the names of the planes.

It was a really fun day and after that I was exhausted.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Power Hang Glider Narrative

"Jump". I leapt onto the monkey bars on the playground. Suddenly I fell off because I heard a strange noise that I had never heard before. I quickly went to check it out. The noise had led me to the reserve where finally I found out that it was a POWER HANG GLIDER. I saw the glider take off. It went soaring through the skies, doing loop the loops. A while later it was still doing astonishing tricks when putt putt putt......
"That noise doesn't sound right" I said to my friend. Next I saw it come down. "AAAAHHHH" someone screamed. "I'm going to go and get some help" I announced. The glider WAS going to crash. The wires and strings got caught around the goalpost and the propeller made it spin round and round. But then it fell off and landed in the bush. The whole school went to see if he was dead or alive. Mr Burt made his way through the crowd and discoverd he was still alive but injured. He called the amubulance so they came and took him. "Lucky he's alive " I said.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008


A few weeks ago we had a year 5 and 6 camp. We did lots of amazing and exciting activities from orienteering to swimming at Swim-a-Rama.
My best activity I loved was rock climbing. We first climbed the house which was for starters but we could go on any other one after the house. I almost made it to the top of the house but there was no more room for me to go.
On camp we also slept in tents which was a bit weird for me because I'd never slept in a tent before. I could hardly go to sleep because my sleeping bag was so hot and stuffy. I just couldn't go to sleep. I nearly stayed up the whole night because I had had enough sleep.
In the morning we had to wake up at 6:30 and go for a early morning jog around the field. It was tiring. I could hardly speak.
For me camp was the best school activity ever in my primary life.