Monday, November 10, 2008

Getting Ready

The extension group of Pt England school was getting ready for a video conference with a man called Joshua Klein. He is a very FAMOUS man who trains crows to do very great stuff, But some of the things the crows do the research crew didn't teach the crows how to do it.
Joshua Klein is trying to tell the people that crows are very useful and intelligent. We got to know all this useful stuff by watching a talk show call "Ted Talks", it is for people who have been clever enough to research and observe living things (or not living things.)
Joshua has proved that crows are intelligent by building vending machines, putting it out where there are lots of crows. There are 4 stages of getting food, 1:There are peanuts and coins all scattered around the vending machine, 2:There are peanuts on the feeding tray then the crows just help themselves, 3:Then there are coins in the coin slot and the crows push the coin in with their beak then the final stage is where the crows just have to collect a coin then out in into the coin slot then a peanut comes out.
We have learnt this amazing information because we are going to have a video conference with him later on. I can't wait!!


Manaiakalani said...

Glad you enjoyed Josh Klein. I thought it was a pretty amazing story when I first heard about the way he had trained crows. I thought you spoke very well on the video conference too.
Mrs Burt

mauina said...

WOW SELA I wish I was in the extention group like you. .

Seini-Mino said...

Hey Sela

Wow sela you speak to other people
in other contries that is cool I wish I was in extention group but in my dreams.

From Little Sis Mino

Room 15 Pt England School said...


great story i really enjoyed yourstory i wish i was in the extention class with you i like the way you put the events in order i really liked your story Sela

From sharon