Monday, November 23, 2009

Camp Bentzon 2009 Rocked!!!

One of my favourite things to do is go camping.  That was what the year 6 students did.

For the last (about) 6 years Pt England has been sending their year 6 students of to Kawau Island. Its filled with tall spiky trees, wekas and even wallabies.  There were even some very steep hills that we had to run on every morning.  It was exhausting for everyone, but ever since Mr Jacobsen has been going nobody has ever beaten him on the run until now.  He announced at breakfast that Jacob beat him every time we ran.  That was quite amazing really that a student beat a teacher!!
Anyway the best thing I liked at camp (besides the activities) was the food.  We had our own chef/cook, his name was Mr Coop and his son Steve helped him.  I thought that he made the best dishes I'd ever tasted, I especially liked his bread that he made every morning at 4:00.  DELICIOUS!!! 

There were some awesome activities there like kayaking, ab-sailing, raft building, sailing, orienteering, confidence course-(con course) and I don't think this was an activity, but we got to bomb off the wharf. Well I didn't but my friends did, they said it was awesome!!

One of my favourite activities at camp was going on Mr Malloy's yacht. It was an awesome experience to be on a 40ft yacht.  But the thing that made the ride fun and a bit dangerous was Nathaniel steering the boat.  He made the yacht (nearly) tip over so much that every time that yacht hit something we could feel the water splash onto us.  But I liked it anyway because I like to get wet.

Camp Bentzon (I think) has got to be one of the best camps I have ever been to!!!!