Friday, December 24, 2010

Wishing You A Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year!

From Paulitia and Sela, we would like to wish you a very Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year. We hope this year has been an awesome year for you and that 2011 will be better! We also hope that you have a safe holiday!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Market Day Reflection

What did you enjoy most about Market Day?
We were sold out!
How well prepared was your group?
We weren’t that prepared because on the day of Market Day, we were still finishing posters and our stall.
How popular do you think your product was?
I think it was pretty popular because we were sold out.
What was your role in the group and how well did you fulfill your role?
My role was getting everything ready and I think I did well at getting everything ready because our stall was ready and our poster was finished in time for Market Day.
Under each of the following headings write anything that you would do differently or improvements you would make if you did it again.
If we did it again I would do the poster differently and manage the time more better because we had to come early in the morning to finish the poster and our stall off. (The poster was pretty plain.)
Your Product?
Fruity Caterpillars (-Fruit Kebabs)
Your Advertisement?
We filmed it but we didn’t edit it and put it on PENN. (Point England News Network)
Your stall set up?
Our stall was just a few desks, a board and some cloth. It looked alright.
Would you like to do this again, and why or why not?
I would like to do it again because from this first experience of a market day I got to see some of the different products and from this I can come up with more better products to use next time and I can work on getting our things ready in time.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Athletics Day

Discus, Shotput and highjump were just a few of the sporting events held at our athletics day.

Held annually, our athletics day allows us to compete in our house colours against other house colours. The house colours are Takitimu-Yellow, Te Arawa-Red, Tainui-Blue and Matatua-Green.

On the day we got split up into our age groups and sent to a different event with a teacher. Since I’m 12 I obviously had to go with the 12 year old girls. Our first event was softball throwing. I’ve got some pretty strong arms that got me into 3rd place, but my arms aren’t as strong as my friend Helen! She got 1st place and got me knocked out (of 3rd place.)

Afterwards we moved on to shotput. (Someone who truly is an expert in the area of shotput is Valerie Adams, she’s won how many gold medals for New Zealand and I even got to meet her. But thats another story.) What you have to do in shotput is not to throw it or you could get disqualified. I had my turn and got 3rd place again but again I got knocked and this time it was by my cousin-Racheal!

Further on into the day we had our highjump and relays/races but the of one I had been waiting for was discus! Last year I made it into the Eastern Zone Athletics because of discus and I was hoping to make it into the Eastern Zone Athletics (again.) But again I came 3rd and again I got knocked out and again it was by Racheal!

Well, I was a bit bummed and sad but it didn’t matter because there’s always next year. What made this athletics special was that we had a new event-Javelin (which I wasn’t the best at) and it was my first athletics as a Year 7!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Metamorphosis Explanation

Metamorphosis, a sort of life cycle certain animals and insects go through. This movie is about a caterpillar, one of the insects that go through these stages. This movie will show the main stages a caterpillar goes through as it goes through this process

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Our First Net-Books Experience

Lots of rich, flash schools like St Cuthberts or St Kentigens have their parents pay for net-books and get it as part of their stationary, but luckily for us (The Tamaki Cluster) we've had some very generous donors who have happily donated us some money...

We got them yesterday at 2:00pm and had a little trial with them, but today we have had a real experience with the net-books. As part of the experience we had to take a photo of ourselves, I'm not a really keen goer at having my photo taken but it was part of the procedure.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Fiafia Night

We had practiced time and time again to get it nailed, now it had all lead up to the big night, our Fiafia night!! Like the Olympsifika (2008) we had cultural groups but this time there were a few more groups like the tech-tonic group, the hip hop group, a stomp group and even our own jump jam group.

I joined the Tongan group and we learnt the tau’olunga, a traditional Tongan dance. I had been taught a few years back how to do it, so I was pretty experienced.

On the night everybody was nervously waiting in their holding rooms. I was so nervous I couldn’t keep still, constantly thinking to myself, when are we going on? After a number of items past we finally were able to line up and we were off.

Walking through the crowded corridor was quite exciting but it also built up my nerves, it didn’t matter though because as soon as I got up on stage I was still nervous but I didn’t (really) show it. (It was cool because I got a few bucks but I gave it up to the school.)

The Fiafia night was a great way to express our cultural talent and see what talent the other cultures have, all in all it was an awesome experience!!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

My Mum's Birthday

There are a lot of special days during the year like anniversaries, weddings and of course Birthdays!! Thats exactly what my family are celebrating because today is my mum's birthday!!

My mum loves to watch crime/mystery DVD's so that’s exactly what my older brother bought her. My sister and I made her a home-made birthday card and we decorated it with pictures and colours and things.

On the 16th of September morning my siblings and I woke up to wish my mum (who had already woken up) a Happy Birthday. We got out of bed, got ready and then decided who was going to give what. I was going to give my mum her present (the DVD's), my sister was going to give her the card and my brothers were just going to give a kiss and a hug.

The smile on my mum’s face just said it all, how happy she was to receive her presents. I think that birthdays are really important because they celebrate the day of your birth, I just can’t wait now until my birthday!!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

MI Test

To see what were our strengths and what were our weaknesses we had to take an MI test. An MI test is when you have to answer some questions and at the end of the test a sort of pie graph will appear.

On this pie graph it will show 8 Smarts. Out of these 8 smarts it will show my strongest smarts which were- Intrapersonal (Myself Smart) Interpersonal (People Smart) and my weakest smarts which were- Visual/Spatial (Picture Smart) Linguistic (Word Smart).

From this I can now reflect on which of the smarts I need to improve on.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Graphics With Miss Ferguson

Every Thursday we split up into 3 groups and then walk down to our local college-Tamaki College. The reason for this is beause we have Tech classes there. The 3 tech classes we have are cooking, hard materials and graphics. The class I'm in right now is graphics.

Right now we are focusing on volcanoes and so what we are having to do is make a little design to share some information with people who don't know anything about volcanoes. The pictures you see are just a few design ideas for what we can make. I just hope that the finished product comes out as good as I've planned it to be!!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Holiday Update

On an average holiday basis I’d be lying in bed not doing anything because I would be too bored, but thanks to my cousins (who have come over from Tonga for a visit) I’m outside playing tag or playing hide and go seek with them at my grandma’s house.

During the holidays, my brother treated my sister, my cousin and I to a movie. We went and saw the last of the Shrek movies-Shrek Forever After. I would say that the movie was pretty good and funny!! My sister and cousin thought it was great but they still would have preferred the 3rd chapter of the Twilight series-Eclipse.

Despite all the playing and fun I’m having, I have to say that I kind of miss going to school 5 days a week and seeing my teacher and friends. I’m glad to say that next week school will be starting up in the third term of the year.

I’m quite excited about term 3 coming up because there are going to be a lot of exciting events happening-like the year 7 rugby girls team competing in their first Eastern Zone Tournament, we’re also putting together our first ever basketball team!! There’s also going to be a cultural festival event happening as well!! I’ve been given a hint that next term’s topic is going to be based on things from around the world (or something like that.)

I’ve got to say that these holiday’s have been quite alright and they weren’t the worst. But the holiday’s that I’m definitely looking forward to is the end of the year one, because then I might be going to Tonga!!

Thanks to for the picture.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Volcano Animation

This term we have been studying volcanoes. So to show what I have learnt about Mt Wellington I have created this animation to tell you some of the things I know.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Term 2's Ending

Like stories, our school terms have endings and this term's ending is coming up in 2 days!!

This term our topic was on volcanoes and I have really enjoyed learning about how they are formed and how their eruptions occur. What I enjoyed the most about studying this topic was that we got to make our very own volcano!!

I'm kind of sad that the term is coming to its end and I won't be able to see my friends and my teacher everyday, but I'm also quite excited that the school holidays are coming up as well!!

But the good thing about the school holidays is that school will always start back up again in term 3!!

Disaster Day Preparation

Our active earth is full of natural disasters like earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and tsunamis. Most of us don't know what to do when one of these disasters happen, so what our school has created is "Disaster Day".

On this day, there will be a pretend tsunami and we will be acting out what to do when a tsunami comes and we're at school. What we'll do is walk up to our neighbouring school-Ruapotaka because they're up on higher ground then we are. This day will be taking place tomorrow on the 24th of June and I hope a real tsunami doesn't happen!!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Acrostic Poem

Sport not really my thing, but competitive I can be.

Endless talker, a motor mouth is me.

Like the weather, my mood can change.

Active and inquiring mind.

Pink is not my colour

Age appropriate for intermediate

Understanding friends problems I can do

Love to munch on chocolate

Iguanas and other animals I like

Nosy is sometimes me

Encouraging friends when support is needed.

Personal Shield Reflection

Last term we had to create something that told everyone a little about ourselves, so we created personal shields. In these shields we had to include something about our culture, future, our hobbies and we also had to draw in our name.
We started off with picking our favourite shape, mine was a diamond. We then had to draw a draft for the real thing, then came the fun bit...making the actual shield!! In the shield we drew in 4 spaces that we were going to use for our drawings/symbols.

The Tongan flag represented my culture as I am Tongan. For my name I just drew it really big and coloured it in my 2 favourite colours-green and black.

For my future I drew a chef's hat and an apron because in the future I would like to become a chef but I also drew some musical instruments because I also want to be a musician or I could even become both.

In the space for my hobbies I drew some Rasta coloured (red, yellow and green) music notes, they represented that I like to listen to Jamaican music. I drew a few cooking utensils because I like to cook in my spare time, there were also a few shoes in the picture as well because sometimes shoe shopping is what I like to do.
Last of all I drew a big 'Z' right down the middle of my space as it represented that I like to sleep...a lot!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Volcanic Facts

The largest most active volcano in the world is Mauna Loa-it is located in Hawaii.
A fissure is the crack in the earths surface through which magma leaks through and starts a volcano. Molten rock is a liquid that when is erupted from a volcano turns into a solid.
The Ring of Fire is made up of volcanoes in the South Pacific.
These are just a few facts about volcanoes this movie will tell you a couple of more facts about volcanoes, hope you enjoy!!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Back to School

In a couple of days school will be starting up again and again there will be early nights!!

My holidays haven't been the best, they've pretty much just included sleeping, playing games, and cleaning up. I think that the most exciting part of my holidays was going to the airport to pick up my auntie and uncle!! Normally that would be pretty boring for me because I get carsick.

So due to my holidays I have been looking forward to school since the third day of our break. But what I'm looking forward to the most is meeting up with my friends, teacher and getting to know and learn about our new topic.

Even though these holidays were boring it doesn't mean all the up coming holidays will be the same. After all I'm going to Tonga in the December holidays and my holidays there have always been a blast!!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Dunker!!

The teachers lead us down to the bottom field, us (the Year Seven's) not knowing what we were doing. This was supposed to be a surprise, and it was!! ROCK UP a group of people provided us with some interesting and awesome activities which included a log joust,an archery set and the best of all - a dunking tank!!

I was quietly trying to hide but unfortunately I got caught. As I was perched upon the wooden plank my hands began to sweat a little. My stomach was full of butterflies and as Ms Tito filmed me it made my butterflies worse!! "Ready, aim and fire" Geoff would yell out, as soon as he would say that little yellow balls would be aimed and then thrown at the black targets. Please someone just get me out already, I was saying to myself. Soon enough someone did, and it was kind of funny because the person who I had dunked got me dunked. It was an awesome experience and if they come back next year I'm certainly going to be first in line to be dunked!!!!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

My Pt England Acrostic Poem

Protection is guaranteed
There are friendly people here indeed

Encourage each other to do their best
No-one tries to fail a test
Growing minds is what we have here
Loosing against other schools is our fear
And here we strive to succeed
Not even one of us don't know how to read
Do as the teacher says so we won't be dead!!

This acrostic poem is just a little something to describe our school, but one of the sentences aren't true. I'm sure you can see which one of them are fake!! As you can also see all the end words had to rhyme, it was kind of hard trying to think of rhyming words but in the end it all seemed to work out. I would like to thank my group for helping me with this poem.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Tech At Tamaki College

I was filled to the top of my head with excitement because today was the day of our very first time experiencing "Tech at Tamaki College"!!

We all gathered up in the courtyard and before we left Mrs Nua explained a few rules and we were off. We had finally arrived, had a little talk and we went our separate ways, prior to that moment we were parted into 3 groups, I was in group 2. My group was sent off to the hard materials department with Mr Grundy (-sir.)

There were 2 other activities which were cooking and graphics. I think that most people would've liked to be in the cooking department!! But in hard materials we weren't so lucky because we didn't do anything exciting, we just pretty much did nothing but listen to Sir talk about safety. Of course this was all for a good cause, because if he did all the talking today then there was no need for him to talk next week.

So all in all I think I had a pretty good first time experiencing what it was like to be a year seven doing tech!!!!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Back to school in the new year of 2010

Pt England school hasn't changed except for the fact that it now has an intermediate!!!! What is so great about Pt England having an intermediate is that I am amongst the very first students of Pt England Intermediate and I don't have to go to another school.

We've got some new uniforms and even some new desks. The only thing that's missing is our classes, we're just in the rooms of 5 and 4 for now until our new classes are built.

I'm glad that we're back at school because now I can play with all of my friends. Its Like a whole new start because I've got a new teacher (Not really, I've had her before) who's name is Mrs Nua, and I'm in a new classroom (again, not really).

I look forward to the different kinds of activities we will get to do now that we're Year 7's. For example we will get to do Tech at Tamaki College and we will get to have better camps.

I can't wait until all that stuff happens!!!!