Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Tech At Tamaki College

I was filled to the top of my head with excitement because today was the day of our very first time experiencing "Tech at Tamaki College"!!

We all gathered up in the courtyard and before we left Mrs Nua explained a few rules and we were off. We had finally arrived, had a little talk and we went our separate ways, prior to that moment we were parted into 3 groups, I was in group 2. My group was sent off to the hard materials department with Mr Grundy (-sir.)

There were 2 other activities which were cooking and graphics. I think that most people would've liked to be in the cooking department!! But in hard materials we weren't so lucky because we didn't do anything exciting, we just pretty much did nothing but listen to Sir talk about safety. Of course this was all for a good cause, because if he did all the talking today then there was no need for him to talk next week.

So all in all I think I had a pretty good first time experiencing what it was like to be a year seven doing tech!!!!

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