Friday, December 9, 2011

Prize-giving 2011

As I walked up the stairs, I was feeling so relieved that my striving to succeed throughout the year had earned me an award at prize-giving. I shook hands with Mrs Teleso and received my award. I gripped the trophy in my hands and walked over to join my friends who had also won an award. There was a camera moment, and as eager as I was to hop off the stage, I stayed and smiled a cheeky/happy smile! Winning Dux was such an awesome moment for me that I will cherish and never forget.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Interzone Athletics 2011

My heart was pounding, butterflies fluttering in my stomach. I felt as nervous as a rat surrounded by a pack of rattlesnakes! Even though I was surrounded by my friends, I couldn’t help but feel as nervous as I did. With a mighty swing, I swung the discus out of my hand and I saw it soar over the grass.

As I saw it land, I got placed into first place! I was so overwhelmed! Unfortunately, my victory didn’t last long as I got bumped off into 2nd place, but that was alright because I still got to go and compete in the Interzone Athletics. As well as going to compete in discus, I also went for shot-put.

The Interzone Athletics was held just recently and it was an amazing experience. We arrived at Lloyds Elsmore Park (where the event was held) and came to see many schools there. Schools such as Sacred Heart, Sylvia Park, Bailey Road, Panmure District School and several others.

I didn’t feel that nervous before we arrived but as soon as I saw the bunch of schools there, nervous feelings began to overwhelm my body. Just noticing that I’d have lots of competition gave me a little chill down my spine, but as well as having that feeling, I also felt really up for it!

Miss Va’afusuaga explained the timetable to us and discus was the first event I was going to do. I walked over to the place where the discus throwing was held and on the way there, I met an old friend-Michelle! We had a little chat and I found out that I would be competing against her.

We were reminiscing about the times we had together back then, and before we knew it, it was our turns to have our throw. I walked up to the circle and took a couple of deep breathes. “1, 2, 3” I whispered under my breath and on the 4th count I swung my arm, just like I did at the school athletics, and let the discus glide out of my hand.

I saw it land and figured that I did pretty well. Many of the other girls had their turn and it ended. We didn’t find out our results, which was what I was wanting to find out. But we moved on to shot-put. I’m alright at shot-put, but I saw a few girls have their turns and said to myself “how am I going to win against these girls?” It was my turn and I felt even more nervous then I did before and with a mighty grunt, I shot the shot-put out of my hands. I reckon it didn’t land that far but still I was feeling pretty good.

The whole day went by so fast and the last event was the relays. I looked forward to these! Watching people race each other. Our school did really well and came first in nearly all of them. Like I said before, it was an awesome experience and I have just found out that I came 3rd in one of my events. It wasn’t enough to get me into the Auckland Athletics event but I’m still proud of myself.