Friday, June 24, 2011

The Japanese Vowels

This term in Taoga time, we have been learning how to do mihi's in Maori. But as well as learning Maori, we are also learning Japanese ! So far, we have learnt how to greet each other, say good morning, good afternoon and good evening and count to 10. As part of our lessons, we had to create something to put on our blog that shows one thing we learnt. I chose to draw up the vowels ( A E I O U ) both in Japanese and English.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Soccer Tournament

It was our first game out of three, Mr Harris said we were just here to have fun and learn on the way. But everyone was just SO nervous! It was our very first time playing soccer for the school...ever! The referee blew the whistle and the games had begun.

Pt England started up a girls and boys soccer team and on the 24th of May, the girls soccer team had their first tournament. It was down at Crossfield Park in Glendowie.

Ellerslie was the school we were playing against and to us, they seemed like professionals! Kicking the ball to each other and looking so co-ordinated, like little David Beckhams. There was this one girl in particular who was very good and kept on scoring their goals. On the other hand though, our team was kicking the ball anywhere and everywhere. Just trying to get the ball as far away from their goal as possible. But, in the end we lost to them. I’m not sure what the score was but we lost something nil.

Our game had finished and it was time for our 25 minute break. During our break, we observed the other schools play and as we were, Mr Harris was giving us a few tips. He told us not to bunch around each other like a group of bees, some people should be in the front and some in the back. Like in rugby, with the backs and forwards.

25 minutes had passed and now it was time for our next game ! Panmure District School was the next school we were playing. They were similar to us, weren't very co-ordinated and were kicking the ball anywhere. But we still lost to them, 1-0.

So we were on a losing streak. We had another 25 minute break and then it was time for our next game, this time against Church Hill Park School. We were about 15 minutes into the game and for the first time in the competition, we scored a goal ! We were all very overjoyed, jumping around, screaming with joy. But, the game wasn’t over yet. There were still about 10 more minutes left. We played hard until then and in the end, we won by 1 point !!

The day had ended and we came back to school with one victory. Still, it was better then nothing. Anyway, I think that we did pretty good seeing it was our first time playing soccer, I can’t wait until we have another game!