Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Actual Race

  "It was the best thing I've done in my life" said Tanielu, "I know" replied Destiney.

  About eleven lucky students from Pt England were at Stonefield because there was an AMAZING  event happening and we were all included.  The big event was the "ALL AMERICAN SOAP BOX DERBY RACE"

  I was very lucky to be in the group of eleven people.  In those eleven people were five drivers:Cruz , Shontal , Jacob , Tevita  and Nathanial .  Five pit crew members:Charm , Tanielu , Raven , Destiney  and me Sela.  Also one cheerleader: Mauina.  We all signed up to be part of the team.

  There were a lot of schools like Bailey Road, Sacred Heart, Churchill Park, Sommerville, Parnell, Kings, St Kentigens and us Pt England.  All these schools did very well!!

  Being in the pit crew was REALLY hard work, like I said before we had to change the weights,  wipe the kart down and nearly break our backs trying to lift it on to the weighing machine.

  We had about 14 or 16 races and we won them all.  But finally it came down to the last race everybody talking and thinking about which team they wanted to win.  Then they started, we were versing Sacred Heart.  I couldn't hear anything but people cheering then came the final moment, which way was the flag going to point?

  It was then said that we (Pt England) had lost.  We were gutted for a moment but at least we had made it in to the nationals!!  That was some very good news.  Now we wait for an even bigger day to come.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Yr5 & Yr6 Camp Aratika

On Wednesday the first day of camp for 2009 started. We all got separated into our separate groups and set off for our activities.

The different names of the groups were the Participators, True crew, Care crew, Responsibles, Thinkers and the Honest crew. I was in the Participators.

We did a lot of FUN activities, from orienteering to kayaking. My favourite activity was rock climbing because it really challenges you to get to the top and because I'm not really scared of heights. My other favourite activity was something I know I'm good at. This activity was kayaking. I like it also because its just something I enjoy doing.

The camp food was delicious, from baked beans on toast, to mince, vegetables and bread. Those cooks really know how to cook.

On the last day of our camp Aratika we all set of to Swim-a-Rama (in Panmure) so we could end our camp with a big SPLASH!!!

Thanks a lot to all the teachers and supporters because without them camp would have never happened!!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Soap Box Derby Experience

   I would consider myself lucky to be in the "Soap Box Derby".
   I signed up to be part of the pit crew, I thought it would just be wiping down the kart but instead its wiping the kart down, having to pull the kart up the long steep hill, making sure that its properly balanced by changing the weights and a lot of other stuff.

   This event is happening on Sunday the 22nd of March.  We've already had our practice session last week on Wednesday  and we've also had a session early in the morning because we were going to be on the early morning news programme Sunrise.  It was a very COOL experience!!

   There are a lot of members to be part of the PES Racing crew like drivers, constructors, pit crew and cheerleaders.  If the drivers win the big race then they get to go to these other big races and the final race is in the USA (United States of America).  

   Its a really big prize so fingers crossed and hope we win!!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Music and Beats

   We had a music session yesterday and it was awesome!
   We all had to go on the computer and open up gargeband and record a beat with the drumkit. Everybody was concentrating on making the right beat.  I could hear beats going boom de boom de boom and da de da de da boom.
    In gargeband we had to do 4 beats and make sure that it sounded correct and not all over the place.  After doing that we had to duplicate the track until it reached 3 minutes and then listen to it.
    I think doing this type of work is good to learn if your learning about music.

    To me I think my track was OK but I think I could try harder!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Extension Learning

Yesterday on Tuesday we all got big pieces of paper and we recorded on it a tally chart of peoples favourite foods. We divided our tally into 2 parts: favourite meals and favourite dessert. We went around questioning people.

We then tallied the answers all up and it seemed that the most popular choice was Burger King and ice cream. Mrs Tele'a gave us a copy each of the food pyramid and we had to do another tally chart.
But this one was to tally up the un/healthy food in both the meals and desserts, and it showed again that the food we like to eat are mostly fatty.
It was very interesting!!

Thanks to the Harold Website for this photo

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Pt England Picnic

  Yea our school went on a FUN picnic at our local beach.

  There we had lots of activities like singing, dancing and sports like kilikiti (a Samoan cricket game) normal cricket and lots of other fun activities.  I loved playing kilikiti with my friends.
  While I was playing I suddenly heard a blast of music and people dancing and singing every where.  Some people are really good at dancing and singing.

   Some people were also swimming.  First the seniors went swimming (because the tide was in) then the middle school and the last group were the juniors.  I'm sure they all had some fun!

   I was really enjoying myself just sitting and talking to my friends after a game of kilikiti.  I can't wait for the next picnic!