Monday, March 23, 2009

Yr5 & Yr6 Camp Aratika

On Wednesday the first day of camp for 2009 started. We all got separated into our separate groups and set off for our activities.

The different names of the groups were the Participators, True crew, Care crew, Responsibles, Thinkers and the Honest crew. I was in the Participators.

We did a lot of FUN activities, from orienteering to kayaking. My favourite activity was rock climbing because it really challenges you to get to the top and because I'm not really scared of heights. My other favourite activity was something I know I'm good at. This activity was kayaking. I like it also because its just something I enjoy doing.

The camp food was delicious, from baked beans on toast, to mince, vegetables and bread. Those cooks really know how to cook.

On the last day of our camp Aratika we all set of to Swim-a-Rama (in Panmure) so we could end our camp with a big SPLASH!!!

Thanks a lot to all the teachers and supporters because without them camp would have never happened!!

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Mrs Tele'a said...

Good writing Sela! Paricipators - pators - pators!!

I enjoyed reading your this post. You covered all the different parts that made camp Aratika the fantastic camp it was.

I think that it's important to acknowledge people who organise such events, so it was great to read your words of thanks towards the end.

Did you enjoy being a leader of your group? Was it an easy or difficult job?

Keep up the good work Sela.

Mrs Tele'a