Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Soap Box Derby Experience

   I would consider myself lucky to be in the "Soap Box Derby".
   I signed up to be part of the pit crew, I thought it would just be wiping down the kart but instead its wiping the kart down, having to pull the kart up the long steep hill, making sure that its properly balanced by changing the weights and a lot of other stuff.

   This event is happening on Sunday the 22nd of March.  We've already had our practice session last week on Wednesday  and we've also had a session early in the morning because we were going to be on the early morning news programme Sunrise.  It was a very COOL experience!!

   There are a lot of members to be part of the PES Racing crew like drivers, constructors, pit crew and cheerleaders.  If the drivers win the big race then they get to go to these other big races and the final race is in the USA (United States of America).  

   Its a really big prize so fingers crossed and hope we win!!

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Mrs Tele'a said...

It's lovely to read that you enjoyed your day being part of the pit crew for Pt England. Mr Jacobsen had such a huge smile when he was talking to the staff this morning about your teams achievements.

You certainly had a lot to do, I heard that there wasn't much time for you to rest as it was race after race all day long.

As well as camp your team had practices which I think shows a lot of discipline.

I'm sure that with the same hard working ethic next time around your team will do well again.

Well done Sela, I'm very proud of you and your team.

Go Point England!!

Mrs Tele'a