Thursday, September 16, 2010

My Mum's Birthday

There are a lot of special days during the year like anniversaries, weddings and of course Birthdays!! Thats exactly what my family are celebrating because today is my mum's birthday!!

My mum loves to watch crime/mystery DVD's so that’s exactly what my older brother bought her. My sister and I made her a home-made birthday card and we decorated it with pictures and colours and things.

On the 16th of September morning my siblings and I woke up to wish my mum (who had already woken up) a Happy Birthday. We got out of bed, got ready and then decided who was going to give what. I was going to give my mum her present (the DVD's), my sister was going to give her the card and my brothers were just going to give a kiss and a hug.

The smile on my mum’s face just said it all, how happy she was to receive her presents. I think that birthdays are really important because they celebrate the day of your birth, I just can’t wait now until my birthday!!