Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Toy shop on Zip Zap Avenue!!!

Pt England's time to shine is coming up soon. Their going to be performing "The Toy Shop on Zip Zap Avenue", our own school production.

There are a lot of rolls so that means a lot of practice is involved. I'm certain that everybody who's in the production can't wait until the 3 big nights. So I guess that's talking about me because I'm in the production.

So during this week the cast and crew have been pulled out of class now and then to have a blocking practice which is like the real thing but without the costumes, make-up and music. Tomorrow on Friday we're having another blocking practice but this time we're having it with the music. Its close to the real thing but then again there's no costumes or make-up.

I've been in 2 previous productions each with a different name and subject or topic. So I have a taste of what performing feels like. Sometimes I'm a confident person and sometimes I'm a nervous person. But I definitely know that I won't be nervous because I don't have any lead parts!!

With a bit more practice I know that The Toy Shop on Zip Zap Avenue is going to be a great hit at our school!!

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