Monday, February 23, 2009


It was a Friday and as normal we had assembly. But at this assembly we had a special visitor coming.

The visitors name was Keith and he worked for the rugby league team the Kiwis. His part for the team is like the media but the proper name is public relation (PR).

Oh he came to show us the ''Rugby League World Cup'' that the Kiwis won last year. The cup was as big as a classroom chair. But it wasn't really shiny, I guess it would be like that because it is quite old.

After assembly some of us got to stay behind and take photos of the cup. I was even lucky enough to get to take a photo with the cup. A lot of teachers especially Ms.Vaafusuaga
were eager to take photos.

It was an exciting assembly.

Friday, February 13, 2009

My Holidays (Last Year)

This is my very first story that I've written in 2009 but the story is about my holiday that I went on last year.

In the holidays my whole family went to Tonga. It was AMAZING.
During our visit we went to a beautiful beach called "Keleti". There were some huge waves and the water was so clear that I could see the bottom. In the water were little fish that would bite you if went to close too their territory. Luckily I didn't get bitten.

Another thing was that my bigger cousin and brother lifted me up on their arms and SPLASH I went when I jumped off into the water.

While we were doing that my grandma and the adults were sitting on the sand having a picnic. They were watching us doing bombs. I bet they thought we were crazy.
Keleti has got to be the best beach I've been to in a long time!! Hope I go back next year (actually this year 2009).