Thursday, September 29, 2011

Term 3 Highlights

Term 3 has been such an awesome experience for me. My top 3 highlights were going to tech, playing rugby and learning different kinds of sports.

At tech, we learn things such as: drawing techniques (graphics) to making alarms (electronics). Last week was our last week with Mr Dewan (science). Our new subject is hopefully cooking with Mrs Heka! Science was full of fascinating experiments and exciting practicals! I wish I could do it again.

During the past few weeks, we have been having sporting lessons. This term included us learning certain techniques for badminton and AFL (Australian Football League)/Kiwi Kick. Specky's, low marks, high marks and many more are just a few of the many techniques we learnt to do. Its quite fun.

Playing rugby was a major highlight for me! Tackling and fending people off is something I enjoy doing. When I play rugby, I feel as if I’m invincible. Although we didn’t win many games this season, I’m proud that we won at least one game. What was better was that we had won this game 95- 0!

Term 3 has certainly been a term to remember but I can't wait til next term!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

England Presentation

This presentation is to share what I have learnt about England.


The baby is as cute as a puppy.
The baby is as smooth as silk.
The baby is as quiet as a church mouse.

The monkey is as jumpy as a kid hyped up on sugar.
The monkey is as hairy as a man’s legs.
The monkey is as addicted to banana’s like a kid is addicted to lollies.

The car is as filled up with gas as a balloon is with helium.
The car is as clean as a whistle.
The car is as speedy as Usain Bolt on the race track.

As brave as a lion.
As brave as someone confronting their fear of something.
As brave as someone risking their life to save another.

As smooth as a newly born baby’s bottom.
As smooth as moisturised skin.
As smooth as silk.

As soft as pillow fluff.
As soft as the inside of freshly made bread.
As soft as rabbits fur.

As happy as a teenage girl on a free shopping spree.
As happy as a person receiving their food in a restaurant.
As happy as Happy Feet going back to Antarctica.

As loud as kids from Room 21 chatting.
As loud as a wolf’s howls at night during the full moon.
As loud as a scream coming from a house of horror’s.

As warm as a person next to a heater during a cold winters day.
As warm as a tropical summer in the islands.
As warm as a hug.

As large as a swarm of bees surrounding pots of honey.
As large as a blue whale.
As large as the Empire State Building.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Tonga VS Canada

After their expected but proud loss to the mighty All Blacks, the terrifying Tongan team-Ikale Tahi were up for their second game against the fearsome Canadians.

The game was about to start and the two rivals walk side by side onto the field with determined looks on their faces. The captains Finau Maka (Tonga) and Pat Riordan (Canada) head off to the coin toss, Tonga wins it and decides that they want to be kicked off to. The referee blows his whistle and the first crucial 40 minutes begin.

About 10-15 minutes into the game, Canada scores the first try and the score, disappointingly for Tonga, heads off to 7-0. The intense game carries on. Around about halftime, Siale Piutau (Tongan player) has a try set up for him, goes for it and scores a beauty. Tonga scores a try yet the tough Canadians were still leading 10-7.

The ref blows his whistle and halftime ends. Another crucial 40 minutes up on the clock. In that time, some impressive tries were scored by both the terrifying Tongans and their fearsome opponents the Canadians. Approximately 70 minutes into the game, the Tongans end up leading the Canadians 20-18. If they hold up their solid defence line, Tonga can win this.

Unfortunately the Canadians manage to execute a superb try and the score changes to 25-20 to the Canadians. You could feel the tension build up as the Tongans try with such might to score a try, the last minute's up and the extremely intense game finishes with Canada winning by just five points!!

Awesome performances were displayed by both teams.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

RWC Paragraph Adjectives

As part of our writing task, we had to come up with 3 paragraphs about the Rugby World Cup. Instead of the normal boring paragraphs, we had to use adjectives to make it sound more interesting.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Black Out Day

The biggest sporting event ever to happen in New Zealand starts today! I expect that you all know what it is so I don't need to tell you...but I'll tell you anyway. Its the RUGBY WORLD CUP!!
The first game starts today and are between the All Blacks and Ikale Tahi! To support the All Blacks, we had the choice of coming in black, I chose to come in my school uniform and wear red & white socks to show my support for Tonga. I don't think it matters whether Tonga loses, all that matters is that they tried their best.