Wednesday, September 28, 2011


The baby is as cute as a puppy.
The baby is as smooth as silk.
The baby is as quiet as a church mouse.

The monkey is as jumpy as a kid hyped up on sugar.
The monkey is as hairy as a man’s legs.
The monkey is as addicted to banana’s like a kid is addicted to lollies.

The car is as filled up with gas as a balloon is with helium.
The car is as clean as a whistle.
The car is as speedy as Usain Bolt on the race track.

As brave as a lion.
As brave as someone confronting their fear of something.
As brave as someone risking their life to save another.

As smooth as a newly born baby’s bottom.
As smooth as moisturised skin.
As smooth as silk.

As soft as pillow fluff.
As soft as the inside of freshly made bread.
As soft as rabbits fur.

As happy as a teenage girl on a free shopping spree.
As happy as a person receiving their food in a restaurant.
As happy as Happy Feet going back to Antarctica.

As loud as kids from Room 21 chatting.
As loud as a wolf’s howls at night during the full moon.
As loud as a scream coming from a house of horror’s.

As warm as a person next to a heater during a cold winters day.
As warm as a tropical summer in the islands.
As warm as a hug.

As large as a swarm of bees surrounding pots of honey.
As large as a blue whale.
As large as the Empire State Building.

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