Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Kerikeri Wordle

This is another Wordle and this time its about my trip up North to Kerikeri.  Again it shows the words I've used the least and the most and this time one of my biggest words is "got" which is quite embarrassing really because I should be using words like "brought or received" instead of "got"!!  Also if you haven't noticed one of  my least used words is "amazed".  That's a shame because "amazing" is an interesting word.  But hey you can always learn from your mistakes!!

Monday, September 7, 2009

My Trip to KeriKeri

My mum is in the ASB Community Trust and they always have meetings. But what I dislike about going to these meetings is that sometimes the meetings are always a long way away.

I don't like long distant travel because I get car-sick and I feel really woozy and I just don't really like the feeling. Anyway besides the car-sick I really enjoyed the trip there and back. I saw lots of grass, cows, goats, a cute pony, trees, roads, cars and forests. I also saw some dead possums which was quite gross!

We stopped for an ice cream at Kawakawa and after about 4 hours we finally arrived. To be honest KeriKeri kind of reminded me of Otahuhu because there was lots of shops and they were on the sides of the road. There were shops that I'd never seen before like this shop called ''Shoe Style", and by the name of the shop I can easily tell that the shop sells shoes.

We stayed in a Motel called KeriKeri Court Motel. As soon as I got in I went straight to the fridge because I wanted to see if they had these little containers of milk that I like so much. Luckily for me they did. I drank nearly half of the supply that they had in the fridge , that's how much I like it!! My mum had run over to the receptionist to ask for a DVD player because my sister had brought along a few DVDs to watch. That was smart of her, it was smart of her because she knows that Motels and Hotels don't have Sky and so we watched some of her DVDs.

For dinner we had a barbecue and the grill for the meat was next to a pool so my sister and I were very keen to go for a swim. My parents weren't quite sure about it though because the weather was absolutely freezing. Well actually it was absolutely freezing to them. But finally I convinced them to let us go for a swim.

We got into the pool and boy did we judge it!! I was so cold I completely froze as if I was about to be pounced on by a hungry tiger or lion!! I soon started to move around and started to unfreeze. It didn't really feel so cold anymore. It got late so out we got from the pool and guess was even colder when we stepped out of the pool. We soon got used to it and went in to eat our food with some other ASB Community Trust members.

The next day it so happened that we were in KeriKeri for Fathers Day so my dad decided he wanted to go and visit a store called the "Stone Store". This was a fascinating place it was also a very historic place full of many historic objects. I was so amazed to be looking at old fashioned clothing,some pipes and even old padlocks that still worked. One of the ladies escorted us into the gift shop where on these shelves were some old packaging for New Zealand products like Weet Bix, Chelsea's Sugar, Edmonds Custard. I also saw an old shopping bag for the "4 Square" shop. We had left the Stone Store with a bar of chocolate, a post card, a bowl and my dad bought himself some Kerikeri organic tea(manuka mint) which he is yet to taste.

And to pass the time we went to the farmers market where my dad also bought himself about 10
bags of KeriKeri natural oranges. I didn't want to buy anything because I was so tired and I just wanted to go to the car and have a nap.

When we left we had to go and pick my mum up from her meeting. After that I was so happy we were going home because I was feeling a bit home-sick. But there was 1 more place that my dad wanted to go to. It was Waitangi!! We didn't go to the exact spot where the ''Treaty of Waitangi'' or in Maori Te ''Tiriti o Waitangi" was signed. There was a lovely view though. I really enjoyed it!!

We then left and off we were for the long way home to Auckland all so tired and exhausted. I got car-sick on the way so I tried to get some sleep. When I woke up I found that we were in a Humongous-Ly long queue . It was like an enormous centipede. You couldn't even see the head. We then got to see why there was such a long queue, it turned out to be the traffic lights. They weren't working properly.

I was so bored that I again went to sleep. And this time when I woke up we were already on the drive way to our home sweet home!!! I was so very happy!!!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

My Blog Wordle

In extension Mrs. Burt showed us a website called Wordle. Wordle is a website that can show you a bunch of words and text that you have typed up and give you an idea of what visitors see when they visit your blog. Wordle also shows you what type of words you use the most and words that you use the least of. As you can see one of the words I've used the most is "New Zealand", and one of the words I've used the least is "built".