Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Actual Race

  "It was the best thing I've done in my life" said Tanielu, "I know" replied Destiney.

  About eleven lucky students from Pt England were at Stonefield because there was an AMAZING  event happening and we were all included.  The big event was the "ALL AMERICAN SOAP BOX DERBY RACE"

  I was very lucky to be in the group of eleven people.  In those eleven people were five drivers:Cruz , Shontal , Jacob , Tevita  and Nathanial .  Five pit crew members:Charm , Tanielu , Raven , Destiney  and me Sela.  Also one cheerleader: Mauina.  We all signed up to be part of the team.

  There were a lot of schools like Bailey Road, Sacred Heart, Churchill Park, Sommerville, Parnell, Kings, St Kentigens and us Pt England.  All these schools did very well!!

  Being in the pit crew was REALLY hard work, like I said before we had to change the weights,  wipe the kart down and nearly break our backs trying to lift it on to the weighing machine.

  We had about 14 or 16 races and we won them all.  But finally it came down to the last race everybody talking and thinking about which team they wanted to win.  Then they started, we were versing Sacred Heart.  I couldn't hear anything but people cheering then came the final moment, which way was the flag going to point?

  It was then said that we (Pt England) had lost.  We were gutted for a moment but at least we had made it in to the nationals!!  That was some very good news.  Now we wait for an even bigger day to come.

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Manaiakalani said...

Excellent write up of the event Sela. You gave me facts and information and you shared your feelings from the tensions of the moment with us. I was with you all the way. Great journalism!
Good luck with the Nationals - may the best car (PES) win.
Mrs Burt