Wednesday, March 10, 2010

My Pt England Acrostic Poem

Protection is guaranteed
There are friendly people here indeed

Encourage each other to do their best
No-one tries to fail a test
Growing minds is what we have here
Loosing against other schools is our fear
And here we strive to succeed
Not even one of us don't know how to read
Do as the teacher says so we won't be dead!!

This acrostic poem is just a little something to describe our school, but one of the sentences aren't true. I'm sure you can see which one of them are fake!! As you can also see all the end words had to rhyme, it was kind of hard trying to think of rhyming words but in the end it all seemed to work out. I would like to thank my group for helping me with this poem.


Manaiakalani said...

Well Sela, I WISH everyone here knew how to read! Here's hoping by the end of 2010 it comes true :)
Mrs Burt

Nga Kaituhi o PES said...

Hey Sela,
I'm pretty sure I know which line isn't true! There are some very appropriate thoughts about the Pt England Way throughout your poem. I'm sure you're going to tweak the wee mistake in the second line and would love to see you rethink the last line! Can't wait to see more of your writing here! Well done.
Mrs Nua said...

Hey Sela
This comment means the netbook is finally working!
I do think we can all read, but I'm not sure that's how you say it. Maybe time for a quick edit there!
Certainly we're striving to succeed. -I've been struggling all afternoon to get this netbook working for you.
Yay its working!