Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Dunker!!

The teachers lead us down to the bottom field, us (the Year Seven's) not knowing what we were doing. This was supposed to be a surprise, and it was!! ROCK UP a group of people provided us with some interesting and awesome activities which included a log joust,an archery set and the best of all - a dunking tank!!

I was quietly trying to hide but unfortunately I got caught. As I was perched upon the wooden plank my hands began to sweat a little. My stomach was full of butterflies and as Ms Tito filmed me it made my butterflies worse!! "Ready, aim and fire" Geoff would yell out, as soon as he would say that little yellow balls would be aimed and then thrown at the black targets. Please someone just get me out already, I was saying to myself. Soon enough someone did, and it was kind of funny because the person who I had dunked got me dunked. It was an awesome experience and if they come back next year I'm certainly going to be first in line to be dunked!!!!

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Helen Tui said...

Hey sela
Really interesting writing you wrote, I really liked how you expressed yourself about getting the butterflies. I could tell how you must of felt being filmed. Great work looking forward to your next post.
Helen tui