Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Back to school in the new year of 2010

Pt England school hasn't changed except for the fact that it now has an intermediate!!!! What is so great about Pt England having an intermediate is that I am amongst the very first students of Pt England Intermediate and I don't have to go to another school.

We've got some new uniforms and even some new desks. The only thing that's missing is our classes, we're just in the rooms of 5 and 4 for now until our new classes are built.

I'm glad that we're back at school because now I can play with all of my friends. Its Like a whole new start because I've got a new teacher (Not really, I've had her before) who's name is Mrs Nua, and I'm in a new classroom (again, not really).

I look forward to the different kinds of activities we will get to do now that we're Year 7's. For example we will get to do Tech at Tamaki College and we will get to have better camps.

I can't wait until all that stuff happens!!!!


Manaiakalani said...

Hi Sela, I am glad to see you posting again.I must say that whilst things feel sameish for you, I am missing having my friends from 2009 at my end of the school! I am relying on your blog posts now to keep track of what is going on with you. So keep them coming regularly. Today we had a meeting with the TTP people and it looks like all the things you worked so hard for last year are going to happen. I will keep YOU posted too :)
Mrs Burt

Racheal said...

Hi Sela
I am really looking forward this year as well.Because we are going to Tamaki College and do Tech there.I heard that this years camp is going to be awesome.