Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Holiday Update

On an average holiday basis I’d be lying in bed not doing anything because I would be too bored, but thanks to my cousins (who have come over from Tonga for a visit) I’m outside playing tag or playing hide and go seek with them at my grandma’s house.

During the holidays, my brother treated my sister, my cousin and I to a movie. We went and saw the last of the Shrek movies-Shrek Forever After. I would say that the movie was pretty good and funny!! My sister and cousin thought it was great but they still would have preferred the 3rd chapter of the Twilight series-Eclipse.

Despite all the playing and fun I’m having, I have to say that I kind of miss going to school 5 days a week and seeing my teacher and friends. I’m glad to say that next week school will be starting up in the third term of the year.

I’m quite excited about term 3 coming up because there are going to be a lot of exciting events happening-like the year 7 rugby girls team competing in their first Eastern Zone Tournament, we’re also putting together our first ever basketball team!! There’s also going to be a cultural festival event happening as well!! I’ve been given a hint that next term’s topic is going to be based on things from around the world (or something like that.)

I’ve got to say that these holiday’s have been quite alright and they weren’t the worst. But the holiday’s that I’m definitely looking forward to is the end of the year one, because then I might be going to Tonga!!

Thanks to http://art8amby.files.wordpress.com/2009/12/shrek-forever-after.jpg for the picture.


Nga Kaituhi o PES said...

Hi Sela,
It's great to see your Holiday update posted! I'm glad to hear you haven't been too bored these holidays! And you're right there is plenty to look forward to next term.
Enjoy the rest of your break... I think we're off to Toy Story this avo, so I hope it's better than Shrek...
See you soon
Mrs Nua

Russell Burt said...

Wow Sela,
Sounds like a pretty cool holiday. It made me feel good hearing that you're looking forward to coming back to school! -Me too! I've been from one side of the United States to the other, but I'm ready to come home & see all my favourite Pt Englanders, cos they're the BEST. Good writing girl! -Keep up the good work.

Sela said...

Hey Mr Burt,
Thanks for taking the time to come on to my blog and leaving a comment.