Friday, June 11, 2010

Personal Shield Reflection

Last term we had to create something that told everyone a little about ourselves, so we created personal shields. In these shields we had to include something about our culture, future, our hobbies and we also had to draw in our name.
We started off with picking our favourite shape, mine was a diamond. We then had to draw a draft for the real thing, then came the fun bit...making the actual shield!! In the shield we drew in 4 spaces that we were going to use for our drawings/symbols.

The Tongan flag represented my culture as I am Tongan. For my name I just drew it really big and coloured it in my 2 favourite colours-green and black.

For my future I drew a chef's hat and an apron because in the future I would like to become a chef but I also drew some musical instruments because I also want to be a musician or I could even become both.

In the space for my hobbies I drew some Rasta coloured (red, yellow and green) music notes, they represented that I like to listen to Jamaican music. I drew a few cooking utensils because I like to cook in my spare time, there were also a few shoes in the picture as well because sometimes shoe shopping is what I like to do.
Last of all I drew a big 'Z' right down the middle of my space as it represented that I like to sleep...a lot!


Nga Kaituhi o PES said...

Good job finally getting this completed Sela, there's lots of really interesting personal info. I didn't realise sleeping was such a high priority for you!
A 'Singing Chef' could be interesting or are you going to play an instrument between serving up courses?
Mrs Nua

Manaiakalani said...

This is VERY cool Sela - I have been missing your posts this year. Maybe you have been spending your time cooking instead of posting. Or maybe it is sleeping....
This is a comprehensive explanation of your shield and really makes sense of it for your readers. You could have provided a link to your mihi on Flickr. It would be a nice touch to compare what you were thinking when you were 9, 10, 11...and even into the future.
Keep posting :)
Mrs Burt