Monday, November 22, 2010

Metamorphosis Explanation

Metamorphosis, a sort of life cycle certain animals and insects go through. This movie is about a caterpillar, one of the insects that go through these stages. This movie will show the main stages a caterpillar goes through as it goes through this process


Racheal said...

Hello Sela

I love your animation and how you described the word "Metamorphosis". You gave me a clear explanation.

Keep up the great work!

Paulitia said...

Hi Sela,

This is a very cool explanation on your word. Now I know what it means. I really like your graphics and your voice over. I can't wait to see your next movie.

From Tia

Destiney M said...

Hi Sela,

That was a cool moive you have made and now I understand what the meaning of the word Metamophosis. I really liked your graphics and the animation you put together for this word.

From Destiney

Helen Tui said...

Hey Sela,
That was a really amazing animation you created. We all loved watching it because we really understood what your word meant. You gave a good example and explanation of what we are trying to show.
Good work!
Helen Tui

Shaniah said...

Hi there Sela,

That was the best explain ready movie that I have seen so far!
Wow! , you are a great drawer. A hidden talent!

Well I cant wait until you create more movies.

Keep up the great work.


Mose said...

Hi Sela

Well done sela that clearly showed me what metamorphoisis means. You also said your speech very clear.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sela i like movie about your explan ready.It was Awsome to see who a butterfly grow.

Terangimarie said...

Hi Sela

I really like your "Metamorphosis Explanation" Movie. Its got really good graphics and a good voice over , I could really learn about Metamorphosis by watching your movie

sione said...

Hi Sela

Your animation was really awesome I love the way you explained how it goes to being Immatre to mature insect. Also I loved your Butterflie at the end of your movie.

Anastarcia said...

Hey Sela
I really enjoy your Metamorphosis Explanation movie and the ideals were interesting.The coolest thing was Metamorphosis,a sort of life cycle certain animals and insects go throwing.

Keep the good work up.