Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Our First Net-Books Experience

Lots of rich, flash schools like St Cuthberts or St Kentigens have their parents pay for net-books and get it as part of their stationary, but luckily for us (The Tamaki Cluster) we've had some very generous donors who have happily donated us some money...

We got them yesterday at 2:00pm and had a little trial with them, but today we have had a real experience with the net-books. As part of the experience we had to take a photo of ourselves, I'm not a really keen goer at having my photo taken but it was part of the procedure.


Reina said...

Hello Sela What a Great Post and yes Im happy that we've got our netbooks now.

Keep it up.

Lesieli said...

wow what a cool movie hope you make anther movie for the word to watch it

from lesieli