Friday, October 29, 2010

Fiafia Night

We had practiced time and time again to get it nailed, now it had all lead up to the big night, our Fiafia night!! Like the Olympsifika (2008) we had cultural groups but this time there were a few more groups like the tech-tonic group, the hip hop group, a stomp group and even our own jump jam group.

I joined the Tongan group and we learnt the tau’olunga, a traditional Tongan dance. I had been taught a few years back how to do it, so I was pretty experienced.

On the night everybody was nervously waiting in their holding rooms. I was so nervous I couldn’t keep still, constantly thinking to myself, when are we going on? After a number of items past we finally were able to line up and we were off.

Walking through the crowded corridor was quite exciting but it also built up my nerves, it didn’t matter though because as soon as I got up on stage I was still nervous but I didn’t (really) show it. (It was cool because I got a few bucks but I gave it up to the school.)

The Fiafia night was a great way to express our cultural talent and see what talent the other cultures have, all in all it was an awesome experience!!

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Nga Kaituhi o PES said...

You definitely hid your nerves well on the stage and performed beautifully. You group all looked stunning in your very elaborate costumes. I'm sure you had some very proud onlookers Sela!
It was great to see you up there being such an amazing role model.
Keep sharing your experiences on your blog it's great to see another post from you. Looking forward to reading more soon.
Mrs Nua