Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Sports Rotation

"OH MAN" Rm 15 said when we just lost our first game. We competed against Rm 18 at King Dodge. The senior school (team 4) were having a sports rotation of games.
They were yelling and shouting at us but we didn't really mind. Even though we lost, we still had some fun! Next we had to go into the hall and do some "Jump-a-riffic" jumping on the trampoline. Mrs Nua was in charge, In the hall we had to jump onto the tramp and flip onto the crash-mat , I was nervously waiting in line, I wanted to go and just sit down but Mrs Nua already called my name to go and jump. I just felt like my legs were stuck to the ground like wet cement, but when I started to run my legs loosened and started to feel like jelly, then I ran and sprung up into the air and went splat onto the crash-mat. I did a superman, but its just like a belly flop and not a flip at all. I was just glad my turn was over!!

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