Friday, October 24, 2008

Totara Springs Camp

I was so nervous when we finally arrived at Totara Springs. It was a magnificent place to be.
Everyday we had some devotions and we learnt about God. I really liked it. We played a lot of fun games, one of my favourite games were Get Your Own Back (GYOB). It was a game where the kids had to catch the leaders and put some naughty things on them, like 2 month year old sausages and rice, ice, jelly and flour. I can tell you that it was very messy and stinky. Even if you had a shower you would have had to wash yourself very thoroughly, I know this because Ms Georgie Burt had a shower and she still smelt like sausages.
At camp it was my groups turn to go on the hyderslide. It was very nerve racking because I'd never been on a hyderslide in a very long time. I was so nervous that I had to go with somebody else. When it was my turn I dipped my feet into the water and it was warm (that was pretty good because I was actually pretty cold!) Anyway we finally went off and we went swam splashed and swirled around the slide. I almost thought that I was going to fall out but luckily I didn't. It was so RADICAL!!
I really want to go back to the place.


Toreka said...

Hi Sela,
That was a cool blog you had there.My brother told me that there was an avacodo slide,he also old me that each night you ate different types of food.I hope you had a great time at Totara Springs.I look forward to your next blog.

Manaiakalani said...

Hi Sela

I love your recount of camp at Totara Springs. It seems so long ago now, but you have brought it all back to mind :) That GYOB game was lots of fun for the campers but pretty gross for the leaders! I am glad you enjoyed yourslef and I hope you keep going every year and then come back as a leader yourself - and then some other kids can GYOB on YOU!
Mrs Burt

ElLa said...

heyyy lolz i was at tht camp
totara springs is AWESUM isnt it???
lulz kk ill be at teen camp
(starts in 3 days- 12 Jan)
OH and GYOB rox sooo much!