Monday, August 11, 2008

Cross Country Practise

"PUFF PUFF" as I ran around the track.I puffed continuously.
Team 4 (seniors) was having our cross country training,we have to run a really long tiring track.We always(or at least) have to do 2 laps .
As I'm running I normaly can't feel my legs because its so cold that my legs get numb.I sort of jog and sprint at the start because I just want to get the 2 laps done and over with.
Before we start though we have to be told a time, for example as we're going to start the teachers says "Ok 15 secs and your time is 11:40".
At the end of it all I'm totally exhausted.
My goal for the actual cross country is to just try my best.

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