Monday, July 28, 2008

Term 3 Immersion Assembly

Wow is that Valerie Adams,Oh no its just Mrs.Tele'a dressed up in clothes like Valeries. Oh and is that Michal Jordan the legendary basketball player oh no its just Ms.Squires dressed up aswell.
Teacher after teacher all dressed up in wacky "champions" clothes.
Our topic for this term is "We Are The Champions".I think that we are learning this topic because the Beijing olympics are coming up and so since the olympics are coming up Beatrice,Valerie,Georgina and Caroline better get training,But if you don't know who they are then here you go:Beatrice is a discus thrower,Valerie is a shot put thrower,Georgina and Caroline who are both twin sisters they do rowing together.
The immersion assembly for the topic was really entertaining,funny and entertaining.There were skits showing off and somemore skits.The topic for this term is really tempting for some people to learn and master sports.I really should try hard to learn and master sport.

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