Thursday, July 3, 2008


We walked through the door and saw Jean Batten and Richard Pearse displays. We saw Jean Batten's medals, pictures and articles about her. But what astonished me the most about Richard Pearse was his plane. At first I thought it was piece of junk but soon I found out that it was an aircraft, "WOW" I said. I mean it looked all rusty and looked like the oldest bicycle alive. It had wings made out of out of wood and metal. It almost looked like a slide with a ladder at the back and the wings also looked like a playground with stick people on it.

The senior school was at MOTAT because our topic was "UP UP AND AWAY".

My favourite place at MOTAT was the Hands On Area. It was like a playground heaven for little kids. There were heaps of amazing things that I liked at the Hands On Area like the earthquake cafe, spinner and the big kalidescope.

Another thing that we did was the tram ride. The tram ride was like an olden day train. It went slow but had a few stops in the middle which was quite annoying. The tram ride led us to MOTAT 2.

MOTAT 2 was filled with heaps and heaps of planes from bomber war planes to luxury transport planes .We had an instructor called Frazer who showed us around and told us the names of the planes.

It was a really fun day and after that I was exhausted.

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