Monday, June 16, 2008

Power Hang Glider Narrative

"Jump". I leapt onto the monkey bars on the playground. Suddenly I fell off because I heard a strange noise that I had never heard before. I quickly went to check it out. The noise had led me to the reserve where finally I found out that it was a POWER HANG GLIDER. I saw the glider take off. It went soaring through the skies, doing loop the loops. A while later it was still doing astonishing tricks when putt putt putt......
"That noise doesn't sound right" I said to my friend. Next I saw it come down. "AAAAHHHH" someone screamed. "I'm going to go and get some help" I announced. The glider WAS going to crash. The wires and strings got caught around the goalpost and the propeller made it spin round and round. But then it fell off and landed in the bush. The whole school went to see if he was dead or alive. Mr Burt made his way through the crowd and discoverd he was still alive but injured. He called the amubulance so they came and took him. "Lucky he's alive " I said.

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