Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Nadia Comaneci

Nadia Comaneci is a famous gymnastics coach and here is a story to tell you how she became such a gymnastics success.
Well before she lived in the USA she used to live in Onesti Romania. When she was a child she was like a jumping machine and she even broke 4 of her family's couches. One day at her school she acted with a friend like a gymnast, luckily for her Bella a gymnastics coach saw her and asked her if she wanted to become a gymnast. He took her for a little training course to see if she was good enough, they had to run a 15 metre sprint and walk on the balance beam. If they were to scared Bella would send them home.
But luckily for Nadia she was filled with courage and strength, so she stood on the beam and made it in to the team. She trained everyday except for Sunday. One day as she went to her very first competition she was nervous. As the competition finished she was placed 14th, her coach said never to finish 14th and gave her a doll. Also after that she never came 14th again.
Then her biggest moment came when she was chosen to represent Romania (again) in the Olympics. She accepted that and went the Olympics.When she went up to perform her routine she noticed a HUMONGOUS audience,she started getting butterflies in her stomach but she was filled with determination to win a gold medal. As she finished on the score board appeared a 1 the crowd was silent but then they found out that it was actually 10!!The crowd went WILD . Nadia cheered for joy as she had scored a perfect 10, no one had done that in years.
When Nadia was older she defected from Romania and escaped to the USA and married Bart Conner.So after all that she became a coach but not a normal rugby coach a gymnastics coach. So that is how she became such a gymnastics success.

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Sela I really enjoyed reading your article about Nadia Comaneci. I really liked the way you included lots sof the information we had researched then wrote about it in your own words and added your own flair. It was really interesting to read. Keep it up.
Ms Squires