Thursday, May 14, 2009

Movie Making

Mrs Lagitupu arranged us into different groups.

She then gave us different subjects to film a movie on. I was in a group where we have to film CRE which stands for Christian Religious Education. We have to wait a while until my group can film because CRE is normally on a Friday so its tomorrow.

Before we start filming we have to do our planning which includes making a storyboard, making a script and having practises. It doesn't take a very long time to plan unless your making a very long movie. I've already started and finished making the storyboard now all I have to do is make the script and discuss which parts go to who.

I'm also part of a crew which helps all the groups who need it. In the crew I'm the person who checks the sound to see if its alright. I really am going to enjoy making movies but what I'm looking forward tomostly is watching the finished product!!

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jordan said...

Hi sela I like your story
about movie making I saw cruz
Interveiw mrs clark and Filming
us singing.

from jordan
pt england school