Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mothers Day

On Sunday the 10th of May we had a very special day for mothers.... It was Mothers day.

My sister, cousin and I all made our own Mothers day cards at school and at home. We also went to Pakuranga and bought some extras like chocolates for the cards. I tried to hide the gifts from my mum but she was suspicious.

When the special day came my sister and I woke up early and found out that mum was already awake. We then had a little discussion about who was going to give which gifts. Then we decided and finally gave the gifts. My mum was really surprised at what she got.

My mum was really happy, the last gift we gave our mum was a hug I'm sure she loved that. So now that Mothers day has gone past we've still got Fathers day to go!

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Mrs Tele'a said...

Hi Sela. It was lovely to read about your plans and what happened for Mother's day. It sounds like you made a very good effort to make mum feel special on this day.

It's hard to get up earlier than our mother's isn't it?!

Good on you Sela for being proactive and organising your sister and cousin to ensure Mother's Day would be special!

Malo lava

Mrs Tele'a