Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Whats your Favourite Dinosaur ?

My favourite dinosaur is the anklysaurus.

I like this dinosaur because of the armour its back.

I think that the anklysaurus is related to the triceratops because they're both, herbivores, big and they're both clever.
I read something that said that it was said that the ankysaurus had armour on its back, and also had a clubbed tail. This would have been good for hitting and protecting itself from big or small carnivores like Tyrannosaurs and the velociraptor.

I've never seen a real skeleton of any dinosaur before so I'd love to go to the museum and find one, But I'm not really familiar with the place.

Here's a question for you: what's your favourite dinosaur?


Mubasshira said...

Hey Sela,

I really liked what you wrote about the Ankylosaurus. My favourite Dinosaur is Ankylosaurus as well it is a very nice dinosaur. I like that dinosaur because of it`s armour.What do you like most about Ankylosaurus?


Anonymous said...

Hey There Mubasshira,
Its really great that you also like the anklysaurs and that you alos like it because of the armour, thats one thing we have in common. Well what I really like about the anklysaurs is that that its not one of those carnivores and it can alos defend itself very well because of its clubbed tail.