Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Dino Assembly

Dinosaurs are really big lizard like animals that are now extinct.

On the first day of term 2, we had an amazing immersion assembly and learnt about our new topic which is 'Dino-Might'. (It's about dinosaurs)

Mr Burt and the teachers all dressed up in costumes and did little items about our topic. Team One had a really cool one about how dinosaurs are extinct but teacher's are'nt. Team Two did a cool rap and dance about dinosaurs. Team Three were dressed like scientists and pretended to search for dinosaur bones.

Mrs Nua from Team Four, talked about the section in the library where we could find books about dinosaurs. The number was 560. Then we watched a video clip of Team Four.

Some dinosaurs are herbivores (eat plants) and some are carnivores (meat eaters). They were all different shapes and sizes and now they are extinct. I'm really excited that we are going to be studying about dinosaurs and learning more about them.

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Manaiakalani said...

I have greatly enjoyed your recount of the immersion assembly. It is an excellent synopsis of the event and I enjoyed reading your thoughts about this topic. Look forward to following what you do this term on your blog.
Mrs Burt