Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter and the Easter Show

Easter is very special and cool. Its special because that was the day that Jesus rose from the grave, and it's cool because we have so many lucky things to do and get.

There's the Royal Easter Show where there are some activities, great games and some cool competitions. If you won at any of these things you would win some awesome prizes!! I didn't go to the Easter show but I'm sure there was a ton or more than a ton of people that went to the show.

If you're a chocoholic then Easter would be your thing. We had a terrific day on Saturday. My aunty put out 3 Easter eggs for me, my sister and my cousin. She hid them and we had our own Easter egg hunt. I always found the first 2 and my sister found the last one. The best part was eating it.

Easter is full of love and chocolate!! I can't wait until the next Easter, next year in 2010.

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Russell Burt said...

Hey Sela,
I'm really pleased that you are writing in the holidays. I think your description about Easter is well written and interesting.
I hope you write some more because I'm looking forward to reading it.

Russell Burt