Tuesday, November 8, 2011


The universe...many things have not yet been discovered in it. Things such as: other living lifeforms or another planet we human beings are able to live on. I’m sure there are several other things we do not know about but the things we do know about the universe and our solar system are quite interesting.

The topic for this term is called “Outta This World” and has us focusing on planets and our solar system. To help us learn more about these, we performed a little experiment yesterday. It wasn’t really an experiment like the ones you see on TV with the test tubes and bunsen burners, it was more like a fun activity type of experiment.

The experiment we did had us studying the sizes of the planets. Seeing that we couldn’t just fly up into space and see the actual planets and their sizes, we had to use an alternative. I actually found it sort-a odd that the alternative we used were balloons! To find out the sizes of the planets we (obviously) had to blow the balloons up. What I found also kinda weird but funny, was that some of the balloons didn’t really need to be blown up, they just need a little huff & puff and that was it.

Pluto was one of those ‘planets’ that only needed a little huff & puff. As well as learning the sizes of the planets, we couldn’t help but learn some very informative facts too. Here are a few (facts) that I found to be quite fascinating: Earth is known to be unique because we are the only planet in the solar system that is known to have living life forms. It takes 365 days for the Earth to orbit the sun but we have day and night because as the Earth orbits the sun, we are also revolving. Jupiter’s red spot is known to be the most violent storm in the universe and is about 3-5 times bigger then Earth. Pluto is now classified as a dwarf planet.

Even though our experiment turned out to be successful, there were a few things that went wrong like: we were supposed to do it outside but then we had to abort back inside because it started raining! My friends and I found that hilarious for some reason, anyway. One low-light for me was that, about halfway during the activity I had to leave. But I felt really relieved that I could stay for half of the lesson.

I really enjoyed doing the experiment yesterday and I think that space is an awesome topic to be studying and hopefully in the not to distant future, many of the unsolved mysteries of space will be solved so that we may perform more fascinating experiments!

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Mr. Hutchings said...

Hey Sela

sounds like you had a fun experience with baloons in place of the planets in the solar system.

I hope what you had to leave early for was worth it :)

A very detailed recount :)

Have fun and keep writing :)