Thursday, November 17, 2011

Manaiakalani Film Festival 2011

I was extremely nervous. As nervous as an aero-phobic person on a plane! I had practised my script so many times and now it was time for the ‘moment.’ I anxiously walked up the stairs, butterflies fluttering like crazy in my stomach. I took a deep breath and...”My name is Sela”. I started my script off. I finished it off and walked off the stage, feeling so relieved that I had gotten it over and done with.

The Maniakalani Film Festival was an annual film festival that was held every year at the Hoyts Cinema-Sylvia Park. We had entered a movie into the film festival and I had the privilege of presenting it to everybody. As flattering as this was, I didn’t really want to do it because as you might know, I am not a very confident person. But it was good that I did it because it helped my confidence to grow.

The way the film festival went worked was like this: There were 5 sessions. The 1st session was for the little kids, the 2nd, 3rd and 4th one were for the older kids. The last session though was for the parents and everyone else. You would’ve been in for a special treat if you went on the last session because you would see most of the movies instead of just some of them.

There were many movies screening on the big screen. Many of which were comedies. Our movie was like a documentary but with a few funny bits included. I was so embarrassed of one of the scenes in our movie! It had each of us girls whipping our hair and when it came to me whipping my hair, I’d look away. In fact, I looked away for the whole movie!

As soon as the movie ended, I looked back up with such a relieved feeling! Our movie was pretty cool, even with all the embarrassing moments. There were several movies, but only a few stood out for me. T-News, Tamaki College League Girls and Italy VS New Zealand were those few that stood out.

T-News was such a crack up movie, with Brody-Jack as Billy T James. Tamaki College League Girls movie was awesome! Showing Tamaki College’s girls League team making some massive hits on their opponents and Italy VS New Zealand was a very cute movie! The little kids from Panmure Bridge School challenging each other at things such as eating Weet Bix or spaghetti the fastest.

The Manaiakalani Film Festival was just so amazing! I think it really helped me to boost my confidence. Now, I just can’t wait ‘til next year’s film festival!

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