Friday, October 28, 2011

The Planets & Sun's Measurements

If you look at our sun, it looks pretty huge. But seeing that our topic this term is “Outta This World” and includes us learning about space, we have found out that our sun is actually quite tiny compared to the other sun’s out there in space. Finding this out was very overwhelming!

The largest sun out there is called VV Cephei and its diametre is 2, 644, 800, 000 km compared to our sun, who’s diametre is 1, 392, 000km! As well as learning about the sun and its measurements, I found out that the sun’s are actually big balls of gas, also known as stars.

I got this information from a strikingly informative YouTube clip. The clip contained facts about the sun’s diametre and also the diametre’s of the planets. Things I found out about the diametre of the planets were that Pluto’s diametre, which has the smallest diametre of planets, was 2306 km and the planet with the largest diametre is Saturn who’s diametre is 120, 536 km!

Learning about space, is without a doubt, extremely fascinating!

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