Friday, November 11, 2011

Brother's Prizegiving

Its an event most people await. You have to get there in time to get a good seat and it has many awards. Do you know what I’m talking about? No, its not the Emmy’s but its quite close. Give up? Okay, its prize-giving!! It wasn’t my school prize-giving but it was my brothers.

The auditorium that the prize-giving was being held in, was pretty packed. But luckily, we got there in time and found us a good seat at the top. The view from the top was awesome, seeing that we could see everything from there!

Anyway, the prize-giving kicked off with a powhiri and soon after that, a few speeches were made. The Level 1 awards were given out and a musical item was then performed by Jamilla, who has an amazing voice! She sang ‘His Eye is on the Sparrow’.

Soon after, the Level 2 awards were handed out. People got awards such as merits in English and things like that. Sometimes when awards are given out, you get more then just the average certificate. Some people got books and trophies.

The Level 3 awards were also handed out and a while after that, the special awards were awarded. The special awards were awards such as Sportsman, Sportswomen and Dux. These awards cause so many nerve-racking moments because no one knows who’s going to get which award! I was extremely proud of my brother because, as well as getting a Level 2 award, he also got Dux!! I was also very happy because of the many lolly-lei’s he got.

I’ve gotta say, it was pretty hilarious watching all the people get up to go and congratulate their family and put lei’s and lei’s of lollies on them. The one person who’s family was extremely proud of them, was the head girl Helen. She got so many lolly-lei’s that her face was almost covered!

I’m sure that all those who got awards, their families were immensely proud of them. I know I was so proud of my brother! Now, I just can’t wait for our school prize-giving!!

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Mrs Lagitupu said...

Hi Sela

Great post. I loved your 'hook' as it made me want to keep on reading. Prize-giving sounded like an exciting night. I'm sad that I missed out on attending (too busy) so I'm glad that your post has kept me informed! Congratulations to your big brother on his Dux award! Well done to him and your family.

Mrs Lagitupu