Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Term 2 Highlights

The holidays are nearing and the school term nearly over. I am quite sad that the term is ending because term 2 has been filled with some thrilling events and fascinating activities. Some of which were my job as being a barrister, being in the I AM Making Movies competition and playing rugby !

Being a barrister has given me some useful skills. Now, I know how to make a cappuccino, flat white, long black, short black, moccacino, and every kids favourite...hot chocolates ! These skills that I have developed will be very useful if, in the future, I want to become a professional barrister.

The I AM Making Movies competition was also a great experience. In this competition, we got to make our own movies. We based our movie on the history and heritage of New Zealand. It was an animation with a voice over. What was awesome about this competition, was that we won the award for “best creative storytelling” and we even won the “supreme” award ! Again, it was an awesome experience !

This term, has also been the start to our rugby season. So far, we have had about 3 games, against Bailey Road, St Josephs and Tamaki Intermediate. The total amount of the games we have won, are 1 ! Even though we haven’t won many games, we still have a chance because we have upcoming games against Viscount and Kedgley. Kedgley and Viscount are very good rugby teams, so we have to try extremely hard when we play against them !

Term 2 has had many fun things to do and join. I hope that term 3 can do the same !

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