Friday, July 1, 2011

15's Aside Rugby Tournament

Tuesday 14th of June 2011 was the date of our Year 7 & 8’s (boys and girls) 15 aside rugby tournament. We had been training hard for that day and it finally came !

We walked down to the Dunkirk reserve and started warming up. The girls had 2 games but the boys had 3. Our first game wasn’t until 11:40, so we had a long time to wait. During that time, we did some more training and warming up. During that time, the boys were busy playing their first game against Tamaki Intermediate.

About 1 ½ hours later, we had our first game. We were playing against Bailey Road. As we ran on to the field, we could hear our names being cheered for by the boys and our supporters. Even though I was so up for playing, I was also very nervous, but the cheers were very calming. We marched on to the field, ready and prepared. The ref blew his whistle and they kicked off to us.

We chased it. Tracey had the ball first, she did some pretty big hits but got tackled. Then I got the ball and had a pretty good run but also got tackled. In the ruck, Etta got the ball and she ran and fended and as she fended she ran ! She sprinted all the way to the try line and scored the first try of our 32-0 victory !

20 minutes isn’t a very long time, so our first 15’s aside rugby game was pretty quick. But, it didn’t matter, because we won it ! Still, we had one more game to go, so as we waited, we didn’t do much because we didn’t want to be tired, because playing against Tamaki Intermediate is a big job ! You need to be up and ready when you play against them.

Later on, we had our ‘Pt England vs Tamaki intermediate’ game. We ran on to the field and it was on. They kicked and we chased, we got the ball. Tamaki obviously wasn’t as easy to play as Bailey Road because Tamaki has some pretty big girls and it was quite hard to pass them. But we tried our hardest, and in the end we lost 5-7 !! We were so close.

I didn’t quite care that we lost, because on that day, we played very well and were able to win at least one game. Rugby is a very tough game...that’s why I enjoy playing it and am excited about our up-coming games !

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Anonymous said...

You obviously enjoy your rugby Sela and you definitely have the right attitude about your game. Well done!