Monday, July 4, 2011

Last Week of Tech: Term 2

Science, Electronics, Wood Works, Graphics and Cooking are the 5 tech subjects we take over at Tamaki College.

Every Monday, we walk over to the college and take these subjects. We’ve been doing this since our intermediate started up last year. But, over the year(s) things have changed. Like, last year we didn’t have tech on Mondays, we had them on Thursdays and last year we didn’t take Electronics or Science.

This term, we were in Electronics with Mr Mulhotra. In Electronics, we were making simple circuits. The simple circuit we made was supposed to be like a sensor/alarm. The way it works is that, the piece of cardboard we made our circuit on, has a switch and if you step on it, its supposed to trigger a little speaker that will make a loud beeping noise. That way, it’ll tell if someone’s intruding.

But because we had finished making our simple circuits a few weeks back, we were just relaxing and made some posters. The posters we made were on how electricity can be dangerous. A few examples I came up with were:you shouldn’t leave something like a straightener on because it could over heat and cause a fire.

This week was our last week of being in Electronics. I really enjoyed. Our next class now is Science.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Sela, I have enjoyed reading your thoughts about tech at Tamaki.