Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Tech at Tamaki (2011)

It wasn't going to be a new experience but it was going to be a better experience because this year when we were going down to Tamaki college for technology we going to be Year 8's!

Our first day of Tech at Tamaki was on Monday the 14th and our first activity was graphics with Miss Ferguson. Last year when we did graphics we found it was really fun even if your not an artist. Our project for graphics (this year) was to create a type of 'holder' or 'packaging' for a fast food i.e hot chips, a pizza slice, hot dogs or even a cup for a drink.

First we brainstormed a few fast food ideas and picked one of them. I picked a pizza slice. I fancy designing a triangular shaped box to put the slice in.

We also learnt about 'tone' but not the tone in music, the tone in art. To learn this we had to shade in some 3-D shapes, not just one shade but 3 different types of shading-Light, medium and hard. We drew a cube and the 3 faces of the cube that were showing were shaded in the 3 different shades.

Wood works, electronics, cooking and science are the other 4 activities in Tech. I've tried all of them except for science and electronics. We never had that last year so its new to both the Year 7's and Year 8's. There's a rotation and each group stays at an activity for about a couple of weeks, we then swap activities. But I think that because there's a bit more activities this year that we won't get a chance to try all of them.

Because there are a few more things to try out, I hope that I get a chance to do electronics and science. Like I said before, its not going to be a new experience but a way, way better experience!

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