Monday, February 14, 2011

My Holiday Highlight

We usually make an effort to go every year and every year is better then the last. The main thing we do when we go is swimming. This trip I’m talking about is our annual visit to our relatives in Tonga.

I’m not a great fan of the holidays because there’s not much to do, but its the total opposite when I’m in Tonga! There’s always something to do like go swimming, cooking the umu, taking truck rides around town and even more swimming!

Since we were in Tonga and going to the beach was pretty much a habit, we had to take sunscreen to protect ourselves from the sun’s (harmful) blazing rays! Even though we did put on sunscreen, everyone still managed to get a tan. Even I did, but it doesn’t really show.

We went to a few beach/beach resorts but my favourites were called Keleti and Oholei. The sights of their beaches were just awesome! The white sand & the clear blue water, I loved running through the sand and diving into the nice cold sea!!Unfortunately our visit only lasted 3 weeks and then we had to come back to New Zealand.

I didn’t want to come back because if we did then there would have been nothing to do. That’s what the 1st week back was like until Mrs Burt rang up and asked me to come down to school and help with the netbooks. But that’s another story.I really enjoyed my holiday, (except for the part when we came back from Tonga and I had nothing to do) but I was very eager to come back to school and learn, be the first Year 8’s at Pt England School but the best of all: See all my friends!! (Thats my friends and I in the photo.)

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vaine said...

Hi sela

It looks like you have learnt a lot in Mrs Ferguson class well what ever you make it is going to be cool.